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  1. Its for showing them on their 21st in front of all their friends.....kids need to know how to laugh at themselves.
  2. Target people wearing silk the blurb says.... Must protect the poor silkworms.
  3. Sooooo doing this to my grandchildren Turn the sound button on in the video https://www.instagram.com/p/Ca45YAzDlIa/?fbclid=IwAR2DsNQR1ztDM4RfQ3ONrOHWTeGErDAqP2fOpSURoL-_Ybw4Y7vbovK3ugg
  4. That's a problem with Nato....the USA shouldered far TOO MUCH weight and cost.....it should have been spread around a LOT fairer.
  5. Damn.....six months I've been waiting to play my Aprils Fools joke on you pards and its now 4.00pm April 1st here now.....gonna' have to wait another year!!!!!
  6. I so clearly remember an old bloke telling me in the '70s enjoy every day as life goes so fast and I distinctly remember thinking to myself something along the lines of "What would this ol' fart know" besides being so incredibly rude and immature to think that to myself...... that old fart knew a lot and I think of him often when my body aches and smarts.
  7. What a dream for me to find and pick up an Indian arrow head. Hoping you have good pickings this Spring.
  8. P.s 15+ years owning the 650 and the first time I've ever loaded a different calibre than 9mm on it and how nice it is to finally have NO powder spillage !!!!!!
  9. Thanks Hendo.......fixed.....appreciated mate
  10. Just converted calibres for the first time ever from 9mm to .38spl on my XL650. The primer tray isn't indexing properly, any leads on why this is happening and how to fix it? See in the pic below the primer isn't centered in the middle so its hitting the edge of the primer pocket in the case and causing all sorts of havoc. Appreciate any help pards,
  11. What a fantastic alcove that is, enjoyed looking at each item. Arrow heads are amazing.
  12. Yes and not just fair weather friends, true Allies when things get tough.
  13. What a lucky girl she is and you are....she's a beauty!
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