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  1. This is a bit depressing to read - With the war in Ukraine, US resolve is crucial — and yet we can see the sunset on the American century https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-02-27/war-on-ukraine-where-did-americas-great-power-go/100859774
  2. Thermobaric Missiles - https://www.news.com.au/world/europe/father-of-all-bombs-russias-brutal-weapon/news-story/45a3fda64cc7d32d389c06749809b4bc
  3. Be Proud Of Your Children
  4. So sold on One Shot Deacon, its been great for my wrist, elbow and shoulder using it with my 650.
  5. I've had a 6" M28 for ages, really enjoy shooting it in Bullseye.
  6. Open ya' mouth whilst you soap your keyboard
  7. The problem was that you sent him a check and not a cheque
  8. Watched The Searchers last night, they new how to make great movies back in the day! Sometimes they pronounced the Indians (the tribal Indians looked pretty realistic) as "Comanch" and sometimes as "Comanche" with an emphasise on the 'e' which is correct?
  9. That's what I have found as a great added bonus
  10. Buy one of the below lead tests and wipe inside your cases and outside as a test before putting them in your tumbler and see if your correct.
  11. Your contaminating that whole space with that tumbler.
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