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  1. But your military does ..................................................because its better
  2. Yes my buttplate had Philipps screws too, beautiful well made shotgun and they use a couple of one cent Philipps head screws.
  3. Did yours come with a CCH steel buttplate or the rubber one like mine?
  4. Rip are you planning on any slicking up of yours? Do you know what CZ did when they had yours back? Is it easier to open now? Probably only fired 200 shells in mine so far.
  5. Mines loosened up somewhat, but its still fairly stiff to open. I can easily cock both hammers with the palm of my off hand and the triggers feel nice.
  6. Used to shoot a CZ85 in the '80's and '90's in IPSC. Really like this CZ that I got only literally weeks ago......its still pretty tight though.
  7. https://www.news.com.au/world/europe/video-shows-russian-tanks-fire-on-lone-cyclist-in-empty-ukrainian-street/news-story/afa0163db80bea11b919285a8bde0c32
  8. They are in incredibly tight aren't they and as soft as butter in a locked car in summer.
  9. My Dillon XL650 Camming Pin Mod I know they sell these on US eBay but there's currently limited postage still to Oz and the cost is substantial. A few hours machining and came up with this. What's good about it is with I can set it a little more precisely than the sold ones. Made it feel a little more smoother in operation and no more greasing.
  10. In the Outback after rain .................
  11. I just can't wait to meet you........
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