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  1. SHEARING SHEEP - 1880’s It was back breaking work for shearers. An average merino fleece weighs up to 40 pounds (18kg) and the blade shears they used weren’t much more sophisticated than gardening clippers. They were paid the relatively large sum of 11 shillings per hundred sheep, with rations. One shearer at the time said that if he had a good run of shearing he could “take a trip to one of the big centres and live like a lord the rest of the year.” The shearers pictured are blade shearing on the Lilyfield property in Jindera, NSW.
  2. NED KELLY’S ARMOUR - 1880 Ned Kelly famously wore a suit of armour, fashioned from the thick metal parts of a farmer's ploughs (seen here laid out by police after his capture). The suit made him impervious to bullets and had the added effect of making Kelly seem larger and more intimidating. The suit did however leave his legs exposed, a flaw exploited by the police during a siege in the small Victorian town of Glenrowan. Kelly stepped away from the fallen tree he was using as cover and was brought down by police gunfire.
  3. Australia went with the U.S nuclear submarines instead of the French ones, because the ceilings were too high in the French subs being 8' tall to allow arms upright in surrender.
  4. French Paratroopers prayer would be "Please don't let the plane start please don't let the plane start".
  5. Pineapple and Ice cream go together like Strawberrys and cream https://www.google.com/search?sca_esv=5b98a6ebe0c52b0a&sca_upv=1&sxsrf=ACQVn08091Wtw6CXlNx8bVqSgdLr0X4EKw:1712225754348&q=pineapple+and+ice+cream&uds=AMwkrPsVMgdA0Ypc6SHfJmxNqzjERIKb-uNI6FId95Zk6jVpdYZfFL3uDheTa5O0vwAD4DBoqeI8qTJ0vm2p3P9EFW8JMscGVtuDKQViKypxdFdGzHL_we8Vw2fJ0OesxR8oL0FxewUD6Eu57_EW2OZORFalOs9YdyOg--LoPo-snprrbKUL8eUNnIvMhmuOcvKVNpvhsP6Dze_OQJ-VzrMSgaWmtC7nT7EX5Ba_d5KqwQ8r1QEulvnAIyjWd3ifsyQuzZJIvl_cO6At7IZNqGS_aZMn03leZSy-v9iO6llLTY63-md42E5-PY-HiQVZrqrN9fPGsahw&udm=2&prmd=isvmnbtz&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjZvPP-qaiFAxUtsFYBHWh6DvYQtKgLegQIExAB&biw=1912&bih=942&dpr=1
  6. America's second most-powerful diplomat has suggested Australian nuclear-powered submarines acquired under AUKUS could eventually be deployed against China in any military conflict over Taiwan. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2024-04-04/us-official-suggests-a-taiwan-war-could-see-aukus-subs-deployed/103669794
  7. Depends on your age, being us old farts PM a 3.2kg baby means nothing to me.....but a 9.8lb I know is a biggun! Same as 180cm person height means nothing but 6' I understand. But fishing line is still often sold in lb rating down here, inches for wheel rims, TV screens, surfboards, fishing rods. The youngun's scratch their heads when you talk about thousands of an inch, inches, feet, imperial drill bits etc.
  8. “THE TASMANIAN DEVIL” The devil became extinct on the mainland some 3,000 years ago – before European settlement, due to being hunted by the Dingo. It is now only found in Tasmania. With no dingoes found in Tasmania, the Tasmanian devil is now the island state’s top predator. Throughout the 1800s, there was a concerted effort by Tasmanian farmers to eradicate the species, which were thought to kill livestock. Thankfully, the devil did not suffer the same fate as it is a relative to the Tasmanian tiger.
  9. “NECESSITY BECOMES THE MOTHER OF INVENTION” - 1876 The chance to find a fortune in the gold fields saw farm labourers abandon the vast wheat farms of NSW and Victoria in huge numbers. The cost of labour skyrocketed so enterprising landowners began making crude machines that could reap and bind grain, often built from leftover machine parts and scraps of metal, like the contraption pictured here. Such was the demand that the government of Victoria held a competition offering a prize of AUS £1,000 for the most viable reaper and binder machine.
  10. They learnt from Okinawa that landing on Japan proper was going to be bloodbath, thankfully the 'Bomb' was developed that precluded a Japanese homeland invasion.
  11. Its rare that the big (or smaller) stations don't have airstrips.
  12. Even our poor bloody snakes get these rotten bastards -
  13. THE LARGEST CATTLE STATION IN THE WORLD - ANNA CREEK STATION. The Anna Creek Station was bought by Sir Sidney Kidman, Australia’s so-called “cattle king”, who owned large areas of land across Australia during his lifetime. Kidman was thirteen when he ran away from his Adelaide home in 1870 with only 5 shillings in pocket and a one-eyed horse that he had bought with his savings. His teen years, Kidman worked as a drover, stockman and livestock trader, and made money supplying services to new mining towns springing up in outback. Eventually he had saved enough to buy his own station. Kidman began gobbling up one estate after another until he was the biggest landholder in the world by World War I. At one point, the size of Kidman’s properties exceeded the size of the entire United Kingdom. His family still owns more than 10 million hectares, or about three-quarters the size of England. With a herd of 185,000 cattle, S. Kidman & Co is one of Australia's largest beef producers.
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