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  1. Anyone have a Mr Bulletfeeder on a 650 and using Hitek projectiles? What is the bullet feeder like? Is it setup and enjoy or problematic and an irritation? From looking online it goes where the powder check station is?
  2. Dad bought my Mum one of these, but I thought hers was a two door?
  3. The blue dye is to stop people using them as toilet paper.
  4. On my grandfathers watch, there's a lot of scratch hieroglyphic like marks on the very inside (workings) gold cover. When I took it to an old watch repairman in the '90's he said all those marks were from other watch repairers in the past who had worked on it and had inscribed what that had done and he was able to read them like a book....it was very interesting.
  5. I can't bring myself to wear my Grandfathers pocket watch to a match, this is what I wear for CAS, it was the princely sum of around $9 delivered off eBay and keeps perfect time, its metal and of substantial weight (unbelievable that they can be made for that price and someone is making a profit). It had a brass horses head as a 'dangler' and I made up a nickel .357 case and replaced it.
  6. And your wine in 750ml bottles? Is that to keep drunks on their toes and exercise their remaining brain cells
  7. This is my paternal Grandfathers pocket watch and chain, he was born in 1889 My grandfather on the left with his brother, early 1900's Very early photo of Grandmother My Grandfather and Grandmother celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary
  8. Daylight Saving Finished here last Saturday Night, we had to turn our clocks back 1 hour.........I wish I could have turned it back 20 years.
  9. But your military does ..................................................because its better
  10. Yes my buttplate had Philipps screws too, beautiful well made shotgun and they use a couple of one cent Philipps head screws.
  11. Did yours come with a CCH steel buttplate or the rubber one like mine?
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