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  1. 10 minutes ago, Painted Mohawk SASS 77785 said:

    The Derringer side matches are fun, iffin' you ever get up to the Gold Coast Bear they  use  Derringers after every shoot they have [ monthly & annual ]...I have the Bond 4'' Bushwacker  in .357..if you can find Smokestack in the USA, we use the same sort of  timber frame on the table that rests the Derringer in the middle, hands are one each side with one on the timer, let the button go & ya' off..

    I personally wear mine on the holster rig all the time, gotten used to remembering  to clear .

    Like a lot of things they have increased considerably in price over  the last 2 years.


    Thanks Mohawk :)

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  2. Yes, like @Constable Nelson #11784Constable Nelson says above we were able to turn clunkers into big $$$ and spend it all on new guns and reloading gear etc etc, it was a heady time for Aussie gunshops!

    And because of all the sales and refreshing of peoples interests in hunting and competition shooting guns sales are still going well and licenced shooter numbers are increasing every year and with younger generations as well which is great to see.


    Also interesting to note and this is just one type of gun, that there were approximately 450,000 odd SKS guns imported into Australia and sold. I remember a time when gunshops were selling them for (if memory serves me) $150 with mulitple mags and 1000 rounds or more of ammo to move them out the door. I've read (again from govt sources) that when they were banned only around 30,000 were handed in.......so there's around 420,000 just SKS's alone out there somewhere's and all unregistered sleepers!

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  3. G'day all,


    Didn't think that a gun cart was going to be on the cards, but after a few shoots thinking now its not a 'nice thing to maybe have' but more under the necessity of a 'must have' there's lot of gear to move around for two people (myself and my wife Jenorado).


    The two clubs that we will be mainly shooting at have a lot of concrete pathways and concrete slabs before we get to the grass, gravel, sand and sometimes mud so I'm thinking of going for four wheels? Good idea or poor idea?


    These are the wheels I'm thinking of getting, they are just under 15" in diameter.



    Not sure about the angle to have the uprights and the handle. Which do you think is better Leonardo Da Vinci's drawing A or drawing B?




    Like all blokes I'm guilty of over engineering things and want to make this as physically light yet sturdy as possible. and try to stay away from 1/2 plywood and incorporate 1/4 ply and even 3/16th plywood with some strengthening stringers.


    I know a lot of you cowboys have made carts and more than one on your journey to the best one for your needs so if there's any hints that you could pass along it would, as always be really appreciated. I won't be going down the converted baby stroller method, I do want to make one from scratch out of wood.


    Thanks all,


  4. 1 minute ago, Larsen E. Pettifogger, SASS #32933 said:

    Another site where you have to join or agree to be spammed.  So I did not get to read it as I will not do either.


    Here you go @Larsen E. Pettifogger, SASS #32933


    M&M’s unveils new ‘progressive’ characters

    M&M’s has unveiled a “progressive” overhaul of its iconic characters to better represent themes such as female empowerment.


    M&M’s has unveiled a “progressive” overhaul of its iconic characters to better represent themes such as female empowerment.

    The Mars-owned chocolate brand revealed the new look and feel of its multi-coloured, anthropomorphised characters Thursday, saying it was “on a mission to create a world where everyone feels they belong”.

    “As an iconic brand that’s been around for over 80 years, it’s really important that we’re evolving over time as well, and one of the most powerful ways we can do that is through our beloved characters,” M&M’s global vice president Jane Hwang told Cheddar News.

    “We’ve done a deep look at them both inside as well as out, in terms of reflecting new looks, personalities and backstories.”

    Your favorite M&Ms characters are getting a glow up.

    Each color will reflect “new looks, personalities, and backstories,†says @mmschocolate Global Vice President Jane Hwang. pic.twitter.com/QvyUgj1okv

    — Cheddar News 🧀 (@cheddar) January 20, 2022

    The Green M&M has ditched her high-heeled boots for sneakers, and will “better reflect empowerment and confidence and be known for more than just her shoes”.

    “You’re going to see Green and Brown together being a supporting force for women who are throwing shine and not shade,” Ms Hwang said.

    Orange, meanwhile, will suffer from anxiety issues to better reflect young people.

    “You’ll also Orange really embrace his true self, worries and all, and not be afraid to express it,” she said.

    “We actually know Orange as the most relatable of the characters in the crew based on some conversations we’ve had with gen Z, which we know is the most anxious generation.”

    Popping in to say hi. Allow us to re-introduce ourselves if you’re new here! We’re M&M’S, the candy you know and love, but this space is all about fun. Together, we can use the power of fun to create a world where we all belong. #ForAllFunkind Learn more: https://t.co/lHVuyQkWanpic.twitter.com/klpe29JfBF

    — M&M'S (@mmschocolate) January 20, 2022

    The M&M’s website includes new “profiles” for the characters – Yellow, Red, Orange, Brown, Blue and Green.

    “Which M&M’s character are you?” it reads. “The world needs all colours. Which one do you add to the mix?”

    Green’s bio says her “best quality” is “being a hypewoman for my friends”.

    “I think we all win when we see more women in leading roles, so I’m happy to take on the part of supportive friend when they succeed,” it says.

    Brown’s says she’s “not bossy, just the boss”.

    Ms Hwang said M&M’s would also be using a wider colour palette in its branding, and would be placing more emphasis on the ampersand in its name.

    “It’s a distinctive element of the M&M’s logo that connects the two Ms together, and it’s really a signal of our belief as a brand that we are better together,” she said.

    Reaction on social media was mixed.

    “I will no longer be buying M&M’s. I’ve had enough of this woke nonsense,” one Twitter user wrote.

    “Nobody asked for this. Especially women who have loved the Green M&M for years. Bring back the boots!” another said.

    Did my shoes really break the internet? pic.twitter.com/ZaisgZ9QYZ

    — M&M'S (@mmschocolate) January 20, 2022

    But others welcomed the change.

    “Love this, thank you,” one wrote.

    “Even the people that are complaining about this are talking about inclusion, which is absolutely stellar. Very, very good job,” another said.

    Some used the opportunity to criticise Mars for its business practices.

    “Y’all should worry more that you can only guarantee 24 per cent of the chocolate you buy didn’t come from child slave labour,” one person wrote, linking to a 2019 Washington Post article about child labour in Africa.

  5. Ricky decides to go back home to Melbourne so he calls Qantas Airlines to book his flight. The operator asks him, 'How many people are flying with you?' Ricky replies, 'Strewth mate, how would I know.  It's your plane.'

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  6. 2 minutes ago, Sarge said:

    Depends on the rules of the side match.  Some of them are two shots from the table.  Some are two shots from hands on gun.  Some require a reload.  Kinda like stage writing.  They are all different.


    Thanks Sarge appreciated mate.

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  7. 5 minutes ago, Sarge said:

    I have an American Derringer in .45 Colt.  I shoot C.45 Spl. loads in it.  I only use it inside matches.  The C.45 Spl. is pretty tame, probably about the same as the original .41 Remington.  I would guess light .38 Spl. would be very mild in a .357,


    How do you shoot a derringer in a side match Sarge, just off the table?

  8. Getting pretty interested in getting a .357 Derringer.


    Do you own one?

    What make model?

    How long is the barrel?


    Do you use it match for side matches at CAS shoots?


    Have you ever shot it in a main match at club level?


    Do you use it much for CAS or are they more a fun gun?


    How pleasant or unpleasant are they to shoot?

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  9. 56 minutes ago, Utah Bob #35998 said:

    Female empowered M&Ms! :lol::lol:


    Now along with the above @Utah Bob #35998, just make sure that you're really kind and considerate to Orange M&Ms because reading the article they are prone to being a lil' high strung, easily depressed and sometimes have suicidal tendencies because of their upbringing and how they are treated by the other coloured M&M's (rotten bastards!)  ........ just treat 'em with kid gloves till you eat 'em :) :) :) 

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