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  1. A guy goes to a psychologist and the doc wants to do a Rorschach ink blot test.He shows the man the first blot, "What do you see here" he asked."Two people having sex in the missionary position" replied the man.The doc made a note and showed the man a second blot."That's three people having sex"The doc made another note and showed the man another blot."Two people doing it doggie style while the third one watches".The doc makes another notation and shows the man a final blot."Wow" exclaimed the man, "that's trhee people having sex with a goat."The psychologist puts the blots aside and says to the man "It seems fairly obvious, you have an abnormal fascination with sex.""Me?" says the man indignantly, "You're the one with all the dirty pictures".
  2. Gazillions of water buffalo, wild boars, wild horses, camels, donkeys, goats, deer are shot each year from helicopters.
  3. The only difference Dave is with Aussie Potato Scallops they aren't made from mashed potatoes, they are just a plain thick slice of potato that is battered and then deep fried.
  4. Thanks for the post John! Vegemite seems to be VERY polarizing, you either love the stuff or loath it. Being brought up from babies on the stuff Aussies are in the former. 2, is just a plain old banger (that's what we call a sausage here in Oz) on a slice of bread with tomato sauce (what yo guys call ketchup). 3. Some Aussies have 'upmarketed' avo on toast and added Feta cheese....I like just plain smashed avo on my toast. 4. You would be hard pressed to go to a child's birthday party in Oz and there wasn't 'Fairy bread' on the table....white buttered bread sprinkled with hundreds and thousands.....and you will see adults partake in them to recapture their childhoods https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fairy_bread
  5. Nioa are one of our the biggest importers of powder (supposedly massive shipments are inbound for them). Trail Boss is made here by ADI (ADI supply Hogden in the US) .......and ADI have up on their website "Trail Boss Coming Soon" .....lets hope so!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. America doesn't have ties to China ??? And Australia isn't a Socialist country mate. https://globalaffairsexplained.com/australia-socialist-country/
  7. Not something I've ever considered buying, but did a quick Google on some Aussie gunshops these are bolt actions and they ain't cheap the autos would be for military and contract pest controllers here - https://safarifirearms.com.au/barrett-2/ https://www.gunemporium.com.au/brand/barrett/ https://www.cleaverfirearms.com/Products.aspx?Category=Rifles&Brand=195 https://magnumsports.com.au/17901.html https://scgunshop.com.au/product/barrett-mrad-308-win-22-fluted-flat-dark-earth-10-shot/
  8. Australian Company now owns Barrett https://www.nioa.com.au/latest-news/nioa-acquires-us-manufacturer-barrett-firearms?fbclid=IwAR2Q7rJQNlvhuyY1gbQYpeLeMejsRIVyB0GLRAB9H0OVOQceYBh2xDJBwW4 Be great Nioa if you could ramp up your powder importing!!!!!!!
  9. Uh Oh https://www.buzzfeed.com/michellerennex/australian-battered-potatoes
  10. My Dad used to drink it now and again....it was touted as a 'meal in a bottle' .... I can't stand the taste of it.
  11. No Marshal, wayyy down.....we're 4 hours South of Sydney. Tomorrow is forecast for 37° but it always gets hotter than predicted, it will easy get to 40° (104°) before the Summer storms roll in from the South in the evening to cool things down.
  12. Sorry to correct you but in God's Country today its stinkin' hot, very high humidity, boiling globe of fire in an impressively blue sky sending down some rays for a massively high UV index and thank god for A/C !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. We had a Mark Wahlberg couple of nights, first with Shooter and then with Lone Survivor. Tough viewing Lone Survivor, a lot of people died because they didn't tie those three Taliban up, take them with them (to increase the distance they had to run back to the main group of Taliban) or kill them. I lost count of the times I said to myself "why did you let them go" as I saw those Seals getting smashed falling down the cliffs, and shot to pieces and then watching the Quick Reaction Force's helo take a direct RPG and all aboard killed. And how frustrating for them to lose communications......truly a tough movie to watch and the rolling credits at the end with the real life photos of the killed operators is so moving.
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