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  1. A non uniform day in Oz is called a 'mufti day'
  2. T'was the Sergeant that was the hero of the vid, but the auditor did a Stirling job.....the other two cops and the postal workers.....not so much. One cop should be dismissed.
  3. Don't know how they started but in my Youtube suggested feed now I'm getting videos about Police 'audits' and 'walks of shame' as the youtubers call them when the ploice have to back down when the 'auditor' proves that there amendments are being infringed. Citizens walking the street with AR15's going fishing in Florida (where the uploader states its legal when going fishing) and other citizens photographing from public sidewalks police stations and military installations etc etc etc It's all just to get a rise out of the cops and a rise they do get. Instantly they get asked for ID (which is what they're hoping for) and instantly they refuse stating "I don't have to show ID unless you suspect I've committed a crime, what crime have I committed" and the officer(s) can't answer. Some cops REALLY turn up the harassment, eventually supervisors come and tell the officers (after a huddle) that they have to release the 'non offenders' because they violated their rights and they were doing nothing wrong. Some of these stops are getting these 'auditors' MASSIVE payouts from law suits. What's amazing is just how many of these videos there are, why aren't the cops given a memo about how to handle these 'auditors'? Another question.....the swearing and name calling straight into cops faces by some of these 'auditors' is pretty incredible and very offensive. Seem's like they have the right to do that and can't be arrested for it, the cops really must have to have some superhuman personal restraint not bring out a billy club!!!
  4. I thought that was a trendy salad
  5. Crotalaria cunninghamii Called the green birdflower (Crotalaria cunninghamii), this plant is related to peas and beans. It can grow up to 9 feet tall and has fuzzy, gray-green leaves. But its intriguing flowers are what have attracted legions of fans around the world. Each one is shaped like the body of a tiny hummingbird in flight.
  6. No wonder I'm a fat bastard.....I'd inhale that amount of dinner in 10 seconds
  7. Great story.....so worried reading it that I was going to read some horrible ending for her at the hands of the Japs.
  8. Can someone please link me to the Wild Bunch forum.....thanks fella's. Cheers, Bear
  9. And no halogen lighting, HSS or carbide tooling or digital readouts.
  10. As a home machinest......just amazes me the work they did on the machinery of the era.
  11. 1873 - 2023 ....... a rifle that was designed a 150 years ago and they still feels amazing every time I handle one. They would have been some kick arse equipment back in the day to have on hand.
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