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  1. UFO Cowboys https://www.imdb.com/title/tt26452296/
  2. Bugger, looked everywhere for Johnson County War but can't find it anywhere to view.
  3. Yep, been that message for 48 hours or so.
  4. Now Rip.....if you reconstituted Bundaberg for those two ingredients.....you'd have yourself a mighty fine drink
  5. Well not every trying the above.....I'll have to stick with my thoughts until I do
  6. SASS Wild Bunch Forum down and has been for two days now? https://wildbunch.sassnet.com/
  7. Mrs. Hutchings & 4 sons ,Melbourne Circa 1940
  8. Its the best Ginger Beer to be had!!!!
  9. Love watching stinky fish challenges.
  10. And just to add @Texas Maverick Stovepipe at 16 puts food away like, but still aways off.....in earnest, like that 125lb lass!
  11. Thanks....not trying to start a range war. Just adding to my bucket list.
  12. Which is the most 'Cowboy State' in the U.S.A? Which State is the undoubted 'Cowboy State' king?
  13. BTW we do some good BBQ down here, my mate is going over to Texas again (I think April) to compete in a BBQ contest again, he placed last year.
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