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  1. How many people ruin a great steak dinner by not resting them!
  2. I'm still amazed at the colour of the water when I pour it down the sink (which is a bit of worry as this sink just goes out into the garden) of how black the water is. All that muck used to just stay in my dry tumbler, load after load after load and I was one to r-e-a-l-l-y stretch out for years changing my dry media. @Texas Maverick That's great that you've done nickel and brass together with great results, congrats mate! Like @Eyesa Horg I've had just one nickel case amongst hundreds of brass and the whole lot went black and gunky.
  3. Not with steaks....but you've never grilled lemons ?????? https://www.vindulge.com/grilled-lemons/
  4. Its expensive down here - https://www.cleaverfirearms.com/Products.aspx?Category=Factory Ammunition&Brand=175
  5. Are they hard on the ears when they fire?
  6. There's a TON of legal ways the police can get your DNA from you without you giving permission or even knowing its being collected.
  7. Anyone else watched any of this series yet??????
  8. Its not a fair situation down here, we have a freakin' long hot Summer. You go into a business or big store etc and the men have suits, ties, sock and shoes on but the women have open footwear skirts and strap tops. Men are still prisoners to outmoded clothing style in 2024.
  9. In war movies you see guys set up a mortar and then just keep dropping round after round down the tube without changing settings, wouldn't these rounds just impact the same spot?
  10. If we had full blown war with Islam, you don't think this could happen again?
  11. Dr. Zakir Naik boarded a taxi in London and said aloud to the taxi driver, "Brother, please turn off the radio, because music is haram, especially Western music, which is the music of the disbelievers, and did not exist in the era of Mohammed." The taxi driver politely turned off the radio, stopped the taxi, and opened the door. Zakir Naik asked him, "Brother, what are you doing...?" The taxi driver politely answered, "In the era of the Mohammed, There were no bombs; No loudspeakers in the mosques; No suicide jackets; No AK-47, And there were no taxis. So shut the %^#& up, get out, and wait for your camel..."
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