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  1. They are Corella's (one type of our cockatoos) blocking out the Red and Amber lights.
  2. Of course DJ... No offence taken mate
  3. Wouldn't folks have kittens over these today!!!
  4. Ya' always had to remember to take the baby outta' the stroller though.
  5. Some folks think we do
  6. I feel pretty cowboy when I look down the barrels of my CZ
  7. No, they're dogs.....they'd eat anything starting from scat to right up to human babies. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_Azaria_Chamberlain I live very rural, the daily/nightly roadkill is enormous. The crows, dogs, foxes, cats etc have a daily easy pickings smorgasbord.
  8. We have a (rough estimate) 2 million feral foxes, its a delicate balance. When they expose the rabbit population to a new strain of calicivirus or a massive baiting/shooting/TNT etc cull the foxes turn to native fauna. Dingoes (before Europeans) took care of any old, sick or injured roos.
  9. I must admit 'biscuits & gravy' sounds a bit like the bloke I knew once that had an iced finger bun with sardines filling for lunch everyday.
  10. Nothing is indigenous we're told except for the ones that walked here naked and starving for 60,000 years (and that number keeps increasing).
  11. Brumbies - https://www.abc.net.au/news/2024-05-11/landline-brumbies-rehomed-as-population-wild-horses-expands/103800406
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