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  1. Correct Queens oops I meant Kings English spelling of Humour. Not how you yanks have bastardised (see that s instead of a z) it.....like even how you've turned your chevrons upside down. At least Canada gets to look down on you guys, we only get to look sorta' sideways at ya's @Cold Lake Kid, SASS # 51474
  2. It's just a funny log for tourists to use walk out a bit further into the water
  3. Seriously every time I see photos like this I think that and also an emergency #2
  4. The bales were greatly compressed. Every bullock road train photo I've seen show a very large team of bullocks. I was with a bullock team snickering logs out of the bush 40 years ago, incredible the strength they have and how the bullocky can handle his team.
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