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  1. 1 hour ago, Alpo said:

    So let me see if I got this straight.


    The birds kill you. The spiders kill you. The snakes kill you. The roos kill you. The koalas kill you. The platypus kills you. The crocs kill you. The sharks kill you. The Portagee man of war kills you. And the sun kills you.


    How about emus? Do emus kill you?






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  2. 49 minutes ago, Brazos John said:

    In Texas, we're looking forward to Autumn weather. We're still in the upper 90's, but next week might get down into the 80's. It's been in the upper 90's since June, if not earlier, plus a drought.

    Winter will be a welcome change!


    I'm most definitely a Winter person now, Summers are sooo endessly loong and sooo hot :( 


    And that sun has such a bite to it, you can feel it literally searing your skin. Both my wife, myself and my daughter in law have all had stage 1 melanomas removed. We have to have 6 month skin checkups now for life. It's a big killer down here. 

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