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  1. Its great news PM that some powders are starting to arrive onshore down here. I've heard that NIOA's is supposed to be getting a large shipment, but that's been said for awhile now.
  2. Anyone remember using a hand held scanner and trying to run it over a page of paper in multiple swipes to get the whole page?
  3. I have a XL650 and love it, but on other presses I still use these old square (and the newer round ones) throwers from Lee.
  4. The swaggie looks like he might have been trying to start a business to me.
  5. Anyone ever used Vectan powder? Powder is still very problematic to acquire here in Australia, imports still haven't caught up with demand. I was lucky that at a gun shop in Sydney when I was there last week had just taken delivery of an order and I was able to get the four below.
  6. Newnes was a town near Katoomba NSW, now a ghost town.
  7. This pollution is on TV down here in Australia as well, how the hell did this crap ever become mainstream? Our grandfathers and fathers must be turning in their graves.
  8. I think he must have been a bit stumped by the camera.
  9. Good on those cops for going into a very dangerous situation and taking care of business.
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