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  1. Goody i already have a pistol permit for many years and have taken NRA classes and married to a retired Army Special Forces Captain and a NRA instructor and safety. Range officer as well Yes very hard State. but I feel extremely thankful there are 2 wonderful clubs near me with some great people. Just getting started is expensive. thanks Lady Di
  2. Lady Di

    New Cow Girl

    Hi Everyone, I am officially a brand new less than 2 days Cow Girl. I am excited about the new sport but OMG is this expensive hobby like most. I need to gather up a ton of stuff. I am worried about the leather rig and the cart and the guns and the clothes etc. Not sure if anyone has any extra stuff like a the leather set up etc. that they don't need anymore. I am excited to get started in this hobby I'm not new to shooting or pistols but finding ammo and may need to eventually reload but would have to gear up for that as well. thanks everyone Lady
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