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  1. Looking for a cowboy shooting group in wilkes barre pa?
  2. Plan to ship it out to Slater's next week
  3. Well I need to ship a 1887 shotgun out to get worked on What shipper do you use? What packaging do you use? What way do you ship. Next day, 2 day, insurance? Ect. Ect. Thanks
  4. Not sure. It's where they mod the bottom of the chamber to work as a feed ramp.
  5. Well I did it. I bought one. I need the drop 2 mod done. The top shell drops too low and wont chamber. If Lassiter reads this. I'm looking to have the works done. I a heavy shotgun. I am happy.
  6. Is there any dedicated or designed for cowboy action shooting? Looking for a system for 45 colt. Thanks
  7. Then that will work. What's the number on the set
  8. I'm looking for a lee factory crimp die .lee 90865
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