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  1. Please stop putting stuff on the Wire about gun laws as a fact if you don't know what you are talking about. Ask it as a question. Otherwise, you do more damage with incorrect info than the anti gunners do. Tom Payne (who has an FFL, teaches NYS pistol permit classes, and works in a gun shop in NY) was correct about loaning guns in NY. Nickel City Dude was wrong about this. Kid Rich was partially correct in his response about having pistols at a match in NY; however, you do NOT necessarily have to have a Concealed Carry permit from your home state. (Please note that NYS does not recognize concealed carry permits from any other states. You cannot carry concealed in NYS unless you have a NYS concealed carry permit.). What you DO have to do is follow the rules for owning a handgun in your state of residence. If your state does not issues permits (concealed carry or otherwise), that does not preclude you from shooting in NY. Also, it should be noted that the 48 hrs before and after an NRA sanctioned event pertains only to handguns, not rifles and shotguns. The best thing to do when traveling to another state is to contact the State Police prior to taking firearms into that state as the laws change frequently. We have been hosting Heluva Rukus, the NY State CAS Championship, at our club for 16 years. It is one of the largest matches in the country, normally having 225-275 competitors from 17-18 states and Canada participating. All of our CAS, WB, and Action Pistol matches (monthly and annual) are NRA sanctioned. We put the basic laws for having/transporting guns within the state on our website (www.circlekregulators.com) and on each person's confirmation. Follow the laws, and all is well.
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