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  1. I think most of the "Know your Fudd" memes are just jokes. Some people think they're a real representation of what ever the target is (in this case CAS), but most know they're just poking fun. I know that I have shot various tactical shooting sports and I am a firm advocate of the 2nd Amendment, as are most folks here. And yet I've been referred to as a Fudd by some of my friends due to some of the firearms I own. And then I inform them that their inability to handle a steel and smoke "real" gun doesn't make me think any less of their manhood LOL. It's all in jest. But honestly, wh
  2. Was here before, will be here after the end LOL...
  3. 4 days straight, about 8 odd hours a day. All dot work with a small area hand poked. It was an interesting 4 days LOL
  4. I can't remember who the comedian was, but one of them said: "A beard and sleeve tattoos used to mean you were a badass biker or a sailor. Now it means you make a mean macchiato at Starbucks!" LOL
  5. I agree 100%. Colion Noir is a young lawyer who is intelligent and charismatic and VERY Pro 2A. He also knows how to use social media, which is something the NRA is seriously lacking on. He would certainly have a few ideas on how to bring the organization into the 21st century and recruit new blood. Exactly what the NRA could use in a leadership position. Much better than the stuffed suit of Wayne LaPierre.
  6. Tattoos are for uncivilized and less intelligent people. That said, here's my sleeve tattoo LOL.
  7. And I find out that there are all of these CAS events just in time for me to decide to move to Alabama! Sigh.
  8. And that right there is the problem. Every time there is a candidate that I actually like, who I disagree with on maybe a couple small issues but mostly am in lockstep with, they never make it past the primaries. Then there is the polls. Polls are useless indicators of success, as has been proven several times now. You never actually know who is going to be in the actual election until everything is counted. Biden was WAY behind in the primaries according to the polls. Trump was WAY behind Hilary in the general election. And yet those polls get trotted out as if they were Holy Wri
  9. This is not actually accurate anymore. As of 2009, battlefield promotions are a thing again. Generally, they just bump you to the next grade early, skilling time-in-grade/time-in-service requirements, but there have been a couple cases of soldiers skipping a rank. The bump up a grade is rare and the skip a grade is even rarer. I have not heard of any officers being bumped under a battlefield promotion since it came back. Seems to only be used for exceptional enlisted soldiers.
  10. As someone who has been living in Germany during this whole COVID thing, I'm not really up on the measures that had been taken in the US. But here in Bavaria, they have been extremely strict in all aspects. Mask wearing, maintaining distance, types of mask, unnecessary travel, restaurants, number of people in your home. To name a few. And yet, they have had the exact same big surges that the rest of the world had. And each time, they get even stricter. They are now loosening up a bit, but there has been another surge of cases, so I'm curious to see how strict it will be this time.
  11. Beautiful work. Every time I see something like this, I'm reminded why I do metalwork, not leatherwork
  12. I second the Tulamore Dew. Super low price, but still tasty and very smooth for sipping.
  13. Currently? A baseball bat. My guns are in the U.S. When in the states, generally a G19 or a Dan Wesson 10mm 1911.
  14. That's horrible! No matter how alert or defensively driving minded the mother was, there probably was no seeing or avoiding this.
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