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  1. Bandit this should sell pretty fast but if you add a picture of chambers it will help.
  2. No collector value, there are 3 different headstamps mixed in there so not a factory box either.
  3. This has been my carry gun 24/7/365 since 2015 and it is easy to forget your wearing it, works flawlessly and is very accurate as mentioned you have to be comfortable with cocked and locked and I personally have never found a round that won't feed. PS: I run 50+ rounds through a week and have never had a failure.....you do the math 20K rounds+
  4. https://bulletsbyscarlett.com/shop/ols/products/coated-105-grain-38-caliber-fp Scarlett has these and they work great for smokeless powder.
  5. If number 2 is black leather I will take it.
  6. Barleycorn has a nice 100.00 rig on his Facebook page.
  7. I have 2 ordered on the way, looking closely SBGW gates have a lot of good looking features that I have no doubt will make for a better loading rifle. Once I have his I can then use them for models to see how closely I can modify the originals to see how they work. I do the side reload with my right hand but you have me beat no doubt, I will need to do more practicing for now I will stick to top loading
  8. Dang fine/fast reload for sure I am gonna try 2 of Shotgun Boogies gates on my main rifles and then play with factory gates on my backup rifles. I have 4 because I like to shoot 44-40 most but have a set of 357/38 guns for when I run low on large pistol primers
  9. TFJ I found to do the top load I needed to modify the 2 back corners of carrier block to get the round to feed in smoothly and not jump up and wedge as it slides across the top. I agree that the over the top is much faster than through the gate but requires practice and a smooth stroke.
  10. The biggest problem I face is after heat treating parts need to be case colored or black oxide neither of which I can do. Commercial heat treating makes good parts.....NOT good looking parts
  11. Funny you should mention that, I own and operate a commercial heat treating plant and often thought of the many things I can improve on many of our aftermarket parts. Making and heat treating springs, hardening link arms for rifles case hardening various trigger and hammer parts etc. I should have a black oxide line put in like we had years ago our black oxide was the same product Remington used to do there gun blueing
  12. Thanks Randy exactly what I was looking for..... of to the cad cam we go
  13. Anybody have a picture of one of these modified? Even one still in rifle would be good, just not sure how much to take off I have the mill and the tools to do it just need a sample to guide the final look.
  14. Slim I think this mold is 2nd generation and lube groove is a bit smaller than the one pictured. I am betting Preacherman just grabbed a picture off the web to demonstrate pretty close what it will look like. Good eye, this is a mold I have been needing I figure with my lead & lube supply this mold will be paid off in 3 matches
  15. I have been searching for information on modifying the original loadgate on Uberti 1873 rifles into the thinner center section to allow easier loading. Is this something anyone has done or is it just better to bite the bullet and buy the 1866 loadgate that Shotgun Boogie sell's? I currently have 5 of these rifles and would rather modify originals than spend 250.00 for 5 replacements. Any input welcome
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