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  1. Hi Rainmaker, they look so good. Wish I could send mine to you, but we have problems getting springs and pins. Heybob.
  2. Hi Manchester & TN Mongo, thank you both for your help, I now know what I am looking at. I will get the assembly Manchester, thank you. Regards. Heybob.
  3. Hi to all members. can any member tell me what the "Ruger Super Blackhawk Hammers" manufacturing number is please. The number I require is for SBH hammers that drop in to the "Ruger New Vaquero". Hope you guys can help. Thank you. Heybob.
  4. Hi Joe Cross, thank you for your input, I too have problems with my left thumb so I am glad to hear the Super Black Hawk hammers will help with that. Heybob.
  5. Wow, I only joined SASS Wire about 11 hours ago, and have had my question answered by these members, Garrison Joe, Griff, Joke'um, Widder, Twelve Mile Reb and Canton Chris. I am so surprised at the response I got to my question, no " O`h you could try this or try that" just a straight answer to my question. Thank you guy`s for helping me. SASS Wire Forum is really for me. Heybob.
  6. I have a pair of New Ruger Vaquero`s and wish to change the original hammers for low profile hammers. I have made up my mind that I would like to use 'Blackhawk Hammers'. Looking at posts on the web there are several posts about hammers that can be dropped straight into the New Ruger Vaquero without much gunsmithing to make them fit, however, some posts say use 'Blackhawk' others say 'Super Blackhawk'. My question to members is :- Which hammers should I use for my 'New Ruger Vaquero`s ? Any advice would be welcome. Thank you in advance. Heybob.
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