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  1. I did not check the round before ejecting. At full cock the cylinder is locked and you can't rotate. I am starting to think I was not fully cocking hammer, and as Doc said ... need to stop practicing slip fire until I get more experience. Thanks.
  2. In competition this past weekend (fifth match newbie), I had several misfires on my 45 Colt revolver. At the unloading table one of the unfired rounds had a mark on the outer part of the casing where it looks like the firing pin hit it. The gun is a Uberti Model P. I do practice slip firing at times, but do not consciously do it during a match, but could have while trying to go faster. My question is .... if slip firing and letting the hammer go before it has rotated the cylinder completely, could this have caused the firing pin to hit the outer rim of the shell instead of the primer?
  3. Thanks SK. Now looking to make another leather hat band that may have been used in movies if I can find one. A lot of hat bands in movie hats were very plain and basic.
  4. Thanks BB. I thought making some hat bands while retired would be a good hobby.
  5. This is the hat used in the movie. It was auctioned along with some of his other outfit by Sotherbys. BEN WADE'S' COSTUME, AS WORN BY RUSSELL CROWE IN THE FILM, 3:10 TO YUMA (2007) Estimate $5,000 – $10,000
  6. I could not find the original ribbon used in the movie. I looked all over the internet, and contacted several hat makers that use to re-sale the Ben Wade hat, but nobody had it. The band is not quite as wide as the one in the movie, but I think the ribbon goes the with the turquoise stones well although can not really see the stone colors in the pictures.
  7. As long as I load the 38's in on the rifle and one pistol first, I should be fine. Then again .... I can't even remember the sequences of targets I'm supposed to shot at. LOL
  8. One gun is a 45 Colt and the other is 357. I know I should be using the same caliber for all my guns, but I did not want to shoot all 45s, but always wanted a 45 Colt. So, I shoot the 45 with my strong hand, the 357 with my weak side, and 357 in the 1873 lever.
  9. Walt Marston with Marston Gun Leather made these for me. He also made my holster.
  10. No I am a righty. I had the crosses put on both sides. The wood is Ebony. I figured since I can't shoot fast .... I might as well look fast. My last shoot was in July due to my guns being tuned and my grips being made. I plan on shooting with the guns tomorrow at the Annual Ripshin Round up with the Gunpowder Creek Regulators. With only have three matches in under my belt, I am hoping I can get through my first match without a penalty in a stage. My memory sucks sometime on the more complex target sequences. I like more knock down targets on stages.
  11. When I first started CAS earlier this year, I had in mind that I wanted these grips. I later second guessed myself, but went ahead and had someone make them for me anyhow. I know these type of grips are old news but I like the way they look on these guns. And they are narrower and feel better than the factory grips.
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