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  1. These tumblers are probably injection molded.  In addition to wetting the seal as others have recommended you may want to look at the rim of the tumbler to make sure there isn't any flashing or raised area that might cause the gasket to not lie flat.

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  2. I was fortunate enough to come across Yul’s post on Strato Sheen when I first started shooting CAS and wet tumbling.  It has made things really easy.  I just processed some brass this weekend and there were a couple of really nasty tarnished pieces that must have been on the range in the elements for long while.  Used Yul’s mixture and all came out looking like new.  Besides the mix the key is to let them tumble for awhile.. My process is:

    1.  Tumble with warm water and a squirt of dawn to remove gross contamination (mud, grit, etc) for 1 hour or whatever you have patience for.  
    2. Pour off the water and refill with Yul’s mixture and tumble for about 2.5 hours
    3. Pour off the mixture and refill with warm water only and do about an hour of tumble rinsing to remove any leftover residue.
    4. Set out to dry on a cookie sheet.

    While it sounds like a long process the actual time spent “hands on” is very minimal.  I hope this helps someone.  Thanks Yul for the great contribution of knowledge!

  3. 20 hours ago, Ya Big Tree said:

    Welcome to Indiana. Where the grass is green and the humidity... well you'll find out.

    True but also the land of a reasonably functional state government.  So we got that going for us.....which is nice. :)

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  4. 13 hours ago, Buckshot Bear said:

    Any recommendations? Are these good?
    The Shooters Box 38 Special Case & Ammunition Gauge - Tri-Step Face Design



    I have one and I really like it.  In the US it is about the same price as the Dillon and I bought it because Dillon was on back order and this one had the extra features.

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  5. On 8/8/2021 at 2:52 PM, JONNY T. SASS 16453 said:

    Ricochet Roy is my Brother and I know John as well.

    I have fond memories of John Senior and his wife Louise.  They lived next to my grandmother in Fallbrook and I was over at their house many times over the years.  When they opened the Bianchi Frontier Museum we were on the guest list with a bunch of other VIPs.  It was such a fun experience and they were always very kind to my brother and I.

  6. Yes, I really like the Sharptail.  I've already had some work done by a local smith but I wanted to see if there was anybody who had a lot of experience (besides LH) that could really make it as slick as it can be.  I agree that the mechanical triggers are a little stout and I am wondering if there is a fine balance between making them lighter to reset without going disabling them.

  7. Does anybody know of any cowboy gunsmiths that have experience slicking up a CZ Sharptail?  I know Longhunter sells them slicked up new but I'm not sure he is working on any that weren't purchased from him.  Plus I was wanting to see what my options are.  I would appreciate any leads or experience you might provide.

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