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  1. I use .255 long, .047 dia pins. 5lb is $30 and free shipping i think.
  2. Unless it is a monster tumbler, usually takes 5 lb. Putting in too many pins slows the process down,,at least in my tumbler. i have never had a problem with pins sticking in the primer pocket.
  3. I was just reading first page again to look for that. I was sure i had read that!
  4. Any of you ever shoot schofields in a 45 colt lighting?
  5. i am leaning towards a winchester 73 after reading all day. A short carbine.
  6. I am counting on it! If i buy a marlin, it needs to have the deep rifling? Will that be marked on barrel?
  7. I will go try to educate myself on the toggle link.
  8. I just bought a pristine 1956 38spec, which is 1st year of 2nd generation for $2150,, no box. Next day at same gun show, a friend bought a 1957 for $1750, no box
  9. I have never been to a match. I am gathering guns to do it. I am not concerned with competing or being fast, so i will not find guns for that direction. I will use guns that i will also enjoy outside of sass/cas whether they will be the best or worst for the games. Just need to be sure i have a gun that is allowed. 45 schofield is my latest infatuation.
  10. I am back to confused then. The rule book needs updated? I need to figure out what is allowed or disallowed before i buy.
  11. Thanks, i get it now. That kicks out a bunch of henry rifles too. Maybe that is why they added loading gates to the new rifles. To appease you guys!
  12. Is a marlin legal rifle? In the rule book i just read at the very last of the rifle requirements,, a list of “other approved rifles” on Page 39. This statement was there in the list. ”Marlin 1894 Tube Feed Rifle—.32 H&R Magnum” Does that mean only the .32 h&r magnum is the only marlin allowed since it was specifically named? I prefer marlin lever actions in real life and already own a few. I Could easily be convinced to buy a marlin 45 colt rifle. I said that out loud as i was typing. My wife mumbled something about how i did need an
  13. I use 200gr round nose in my reloading. Does not sound like that is the best to feed thru a rifle. I was hoping to use same ammo everywhere.
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