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  1. Up for sale are three Shotgun Boogie Uberti 1873 rifle items. 
    1.  Titanium carrier retails for $175. Will sale for $150-  REDUCED PRICE $135

    2. Trigger kit with safety spring, trigger spring and trigger with slave pin for easier instillation. Retails for $189. Will sale for $175  REDUCED PRICE $160 SOLD

    3.  Short stroke kit. Sales for $219. Will sale for $190- SOLD 

    Will sale all three together for $500 shipped. Payment by Zelle, PayPal friends and family or money order. All items are in excellent condition. Please contact me with questions 






  2. Up for sale is a primer pro by double alpha. It loads primer tubes automatically. It is only for small pistol or rifle primers. It works as intended but I bought a Dillon primer tube loader and no longer need it. There are lots of videos on YouTube if you want to see it in action. Please see photos for more details. $110 shipped. Payment by PayPal friends and family, Zelle or money order. 




  3. I have two shot timers for sale. Both work as they should and I have had absolutely no problems with them. The first one is a Pocket Pro by Competition Electronics and the second one is a Pact timer. Please see photos. $110 each shipped. Payment by PayPal friends and family, Zelle or money order. Please let me know if questions. 










  4. I have a CZ coach gun with a firing problem. Trying to figure out this issue. When I fire the first barrel the firing pin for the second barrel indents the primer on the second shell but does not allow me to shoot the second barrel. I have taken apart and cleaned the internal parts. Nothing seems to help. Anyone had this issue? Thanks 

  5. Looking to trade some primers for federal small pistol primers. I will be attending the North Carolina state match and would prefer an in person trade. This is what I have available:

    1000 federal magnum large pistol

    2000 CCI magnum large pistol

    1000 CCI magnum small rifle 


    Thanks for looking4FD6DEDB-5445-4461-9C52-866528E5A8B8.thumb.jpeg.477b8a42410035ac0e166ef8daa8d003.jpeg


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