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  1. Up for sale is a primer pro by double alpha. It loads primer tubes automatically. It is only for small pistol or rifle primers. It works as intended but I bought a Dillon primer tube loader and no longer need it. There are lots of videos on YouTube if you want to see it in action. Please see photos for more details. $110 shipped. Payment by PayPal friends and family, Zelle or money order.
  2. I have two shot timers for sale. Both work as they should and I have had absolutely no problems with them. The first one is a Pocket Pro by Competition Electronics and the second one is a Pact timer. Please see photos. $110 each shipped. Payment by PayPal friends and family, Zelle or money order. Please let me know if questions.
  3. I took that spring out and reinstalled it and for whatever reason this has resolved the issue. Just shot 26 rounds and no issues. Thanks for the advice.
  4. Any idea where I can find a spring? Thanks for your response. The springs do seem weak to me.
  5. Yes when dry firing both pins fall. I took the stock off and watched as I pull the trigger. It operates as it should then. It only happens when I fire a live round.
  6. I have a CZ coach gun with a firing problem. Trying to figure out this issue. When I fire the first barrel the firing pin for the second barrel indents the primer on the second shell but does not allow me to shoot the second barrel. I have taken apart and cleaned the internal parts. Nothing seems to help. Anyone had this issue? Thanks
  7. Thanks for everyone’s comments. Very helpful.
  8. Who has shortened their butt stock on a 73 rifle? Was it beneficial? Did it help your speed? Thanks
  9. I have a new box of 500 starline brass I would part with for $115 plus shipping.
  10. Looking to trade some primers for federal small pistol primers. I will be attending the North Carolina state match and would prefer an in person trade. This is what I have available: 1000 federal magnum large pistol 2000 CCI magnum large pistol 1000 CCI magnum small rifle Thanks for looking
  11. I would recommend the heartless gamer sites. We the people munitions (Deuce Stevens) sells them. Larger than the sure hit sites.
  12. Pioneer gun works has one that fit. I had one I bought for a Baikal that fit fine on my CZ.
  13. I got mine from Shotgun Boogie and it was worth it. Don’t hesitate
  14. Please take a look. Nice leather available. Thanks
  15. I would take all of the small pistol and shotgun primers. Please send me location to send the check. Thanks
  16. I no longer shoot 45 colt. This pistol was bought new and sent to Cody’s Cowboy Shop (Don Jones) for action work. Only shot a few times The gun has a 5.5 inch barrel. . It is in excellent condition. $575 shipped to your FFL. Payment with PayPal friends and family or Zelle. Please contact me with questions.
  17. Up for sale is two pieces of Kirkpatrick gun leather in 45 colt. The first piece is a single sided size 38 belt with drop down holster Larodoan model. $125 shipped. The second piece is a size 36 gun belt with 45 colt loops only. $100 shipped. Payment with PayPal friends and family or Zelle. Please let me know if questions. Thanks for looking
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