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  1. Still available if someone is interested. Thanks for looking
  2. This a used Taylor’s Uberti 5.5 inch 4 click hammer 45 colt revolver. There are some dents/scratches in the one piece grip as expected with normal use. Includes Lee gunslinger springs (hammer and trigger). $425 plus shipping to your FFL. Please see photos. Payment via PayPal friends or family, Zelle or Venmo.
  3. I just bought a pair of New Vaqueros from John. Excellent communication and a fair price. He has my endorsement.
  4. If you decide to sell instead of trade please let me know. I am looking for a pair of 45 colt new vaqueros. Thanks Jan
  5. If you want to sell instead of trade please let me know. Thanks Jan
  6. Rowdy. Thanks but I need the 4.75 to match my other revolver.
  7. I am looking for a new or excellent condition Uberti Cattleman 45 LC 4.75 barrel. Thanks
  8. I would take the brown pants. Let me know how you would like to be paid. Thanks
  9. That’s what I am trying to sort out. This will be 60 miles from my house and may never have another chance to go. Since I have only gas for travel costs it would be worth it to me.
  10. Is it possible then to only shoot the four stages on day 3 and not days 1 and 2? Thanks for the information. Unfortunately I have a prior commitment scheduled for the first two days of the match.
  11. Can someone tell me what the format is for the age group categories at EOT? I live in Indiana and want to attend but I can not be there on June 24th and 25th. Could I shoot on the 26th? Just wasn't familiar with how the age group categories are organized on each of the days. Thanks
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