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  1. It was definitely frustrating. It was the first time I shot the gun since I bought it, and it's been in pieces ever since
  2. Based on the info provided, I will re-assemble for now and try to shoot some other stuff back through it and see what happens. I will check back in as soon as I can. Thank you all for help so far.
  3. I don't have it anymore. And no the rifle was completely stuck. This thing has been apart for 6 months
  4. That is why i am interested in having this thing worked on, even if its not the cause. Id like this gun to last. I unfortunately dont know any competent gun smiths around me i can trust. Its all "AR Builders" and no real gun smiths that i can tell. I am located in Fredericksburg, VA. Im still interested in having you modify my carrier though while the gun is apart to head off any future issues. I fired the round, went to cycle the action and it froze up. Bolt would not open, had to disassemble the rifle, no double feeds and honestly now i do not recall if
  5. The round that Jammed it was Hornady Leverevolution Hornady factory loads. They were 225 Ballistic Tip, I had shot Winchester Silver box deer/bear loads with no issues and some reloads that I dont recall off hand what they were with no issues. The hornady is the one that jammed it up. I did see your call, I'm sorry, have my son today so typically ignore my phone for the most part. I just want to do whatever I need to do to ensure that this never happens again, the gun functions more reliably, and I dont have to worry about a new carrier any time soon. I plan on shooti
  6. Yes. The plan was to buy a new one but no one has them now, so my only timely choice is to fix this one
  7. I really want to shoot anything. I absolutely love a lever rifle I'll have to see if I have any more of them here but here is the Hornady data less OAL https://www.hornady.com/ammunition/handgun/44-mag-225-gr-ftx-leverevolution#!/#dealer-map
  8. It actually locked up shooting Hornady Leverevolutions when I took it out for the first time after purchasing. It locked up so tight that I couldnt do anything with it. It had shot fine all afternoon prior. After getting it home and apart it appears to be some wear on the carrier. I hadn't noticed anything seeming lose prior, but someone gave me some good information regarding tuning these things once its fixed from 24hourcampfire. I believe Jackrabbit will be handling my carrier repair for me, and then I'll try to fine tune from there.
  9. Hello all, I'm new to Marlins/levers and have an issue with my 1894 in 44mag. I had the marlin Jam and seem to have a worn out carrier. I have been attempting to purchase a new one but everyone is out of stock. I have read on here about people having theirs rewelded etc and was wondering if anyone here provided that service or anything. I have shot this thing in 6 months+ and I miss it =(
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