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  1. 2 barely worn blouses in excellent condition. $15 + $8 shipping each. Can combine for reduced shipping. Specify lavender print or floral multicolor print.
  2. Multiple pairs of cowboy trousers by various makers. Comments as numbered, see images for waist and length. 1. Wah Maker - slight wear on back of cuff 2. Frontier Classics - appear to be unworn 3. Custom made side leg button - probably never worn 4. Button fly tan Jean with inside front suspender buttons, buckle back and outside suspender buttons. Unknown maker 5. Very lightweight un-hemmed pants by Horsefly 6. Unknown maker - slight wear in holster area 7. Lazy LS Brand #3 = $30 + $8 shipping All others $20 + $8 shipping each
  3. All considered sold pending payment. If you missed out, no worries as I found a few more in the closet that may get posted soon!
  4. Let me know if you are taking #5.  I sent PM but not heard back.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Riverdog


      I will take # 5 thank you, let me know how you would like paid-thanks Riverdog

    3. Sasshay


      Will send PM payment info to you directly.

    4. Riverdog


      Thank you for the great deal on the pants! they got here night before last- your great contact and shipping info is greatly appreciated!

      Happy Thanksgiving, and Merry Christmas!


  5. #5 Wah Maker #8 Frontier Classics both at factory hem inseam of 36”
  6. 9 pairs of 40 & 42 cowboy trousers. Many washed but never worn, all in excellent condition. $20 each + $8 shipping (US). All numbered and sized on the photos.
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