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  1. If it says "backordered" that means you can go ahead and order it and it will ship within a week or so. I have done this several times over the last year and the brass usually ships within a few days.
  2. Go over to the colt forum http://www.coltforum.com and look up Bill Fuchs, Leveraction Bill. He does a lot of repair and restoration work on 1st gen colts and probably has what you are looking for. Jim Martin is also on that forum.
  3. Go check your pistols, if you don't have replacement base pins the ruger factory pins can get pushed in too far and they protrude slightly out the back of the frame into the hammer channel. This effectively makes a hammer stop and the hammers will not fall all the way and will strike the transfer bar/firing pin light. If you don't have extra power base pin springs you can push them past the locking notch.
  4. If the base pins are pushed in too far they stop the travel of the hammer. This would cause the hammer to be back just a little and the firing pin to not strike the primer hard enough. There is a reason they make belt mountain base pins.
  5. If both did it at the same time I would suspect the base pins pushed in too far. Or possibly you got the base pins or cylinders switched.
  6. I will take the brown 2 shell holder and a brown 4 shell if there are any left. 12 ga please.
  7. I haven't had any problems but I am also fanatical about keeping my machine clean. Shouldn't be an issue.
  8. With Natchez letting you order 5k and they had some powder in stock so I ordered some of that as well and spread the hazmat and shipping out over several items.
  9. Brownell's has Federal 209A shotgun primers in stock.
  10. Sent my application and pics in last night.
  11. Dillon will replace those for free. Last time I ordered some they sent me all new tubes.
  12. Do a search on google for 38 special SASS loads and you will get a ton of old threads that listed actual loads using dozens of different powders. If you have a chronograph work up your own loads using the powders you can find. Look at a powder burn rate chart, fast burning powders are for light loads, slow powders for magnum loads. Most fast burning shotgun powders work well for what we do.
  13. After buying the pieces individually for my first 650 I bought the "Snowshooz" mod kits on ebay for my other 2, and I think they really smooth the machine out and perform valuable functions. The case feed shutoff and the primer shutoff work great. The main thing the roller bearings do is take the "jump" out of the machine so it doesn't jar the case and spill powder when it indexes. I also add the missed primer catch that has the little bottles that catch the primers. I am also very picky about keeping my machine very clean and lightly greased.
  14. Starline has it listed as "backorder" on their site. I have had really good luck getting brass from them that is "backorder" within a week or so. Might put some on order and see what happens.
  15. Thanks for the heads up, ordered mine as well as some powder to spread out the hazmat fee.
  16. If someone needs this make me an offer. I need it gone.
  17. I have for sale what I think is a new in the box RCBS APS press mounted priming tool and the RCBS strip loading tool. As far as I can tell all the pieces and instructions for both are in the boxes. Located in Shalimar, FL. Asking $150 shipped for both.
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