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  1. Yes...I contacted Wayne at wayne1@sbcglobal.net
  2. She did call...but I already got my bag from Wayne.
  3. Yes..I talked to Wayne and we are all set. Thanks!
  4. Thank you...found them too and left a message.
  5. Thank you...I figured as much...but her email listed is a .com that doesn't even exist anymore :). I called and left a message.
  6. I am trying to find someone who still makes these. I found a couple on websites but don't know if they are still available as the websites are pretty old. This is from Jaxleather and I have contacted them. Anyone know of someone who makes something like this? Thanks,
  7. I want to buy both, live local and happy to come to Modesto. @San Joaquin Shootist
  8. Still available? My email is scott@scottsweet.net
  9. Hi all, I am new to cowboy, but not to shooting competition, and looking at the CZ side x side for the shotgun. It is hard to find the other brands like SKB or Miroku. Does anyone have any first hand experience with this gun? Long Hunter provides these guns and wanting to get some info. Thanks in advance, Scott
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