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  1. Hi everyone, I may try to nab one. It will be my first lever gun. I was just curious who would be the best smith to send it to if i were to acquire a Miroku '73. My plan would be to do the works - just simply make it the best all around lever action that it can be. As I'm new to SASS, I may hunt with it more than cowbody action shoot, if that detail at all mattered, but wanted to get folks opinions. Kind Regards,
  2. To complicate things, would you prefer to send an Uberti to Cody or a Winchester? It sounds that he does both - not sure which would be best in the end.
  3. Hi everyone, Sorry for a newbie question, and I've done some research already by reading past posts. I think my heart is "set" on a Winchester 1873 Sporter with a pistol grip in .357 - namely given the reported "better" quality and also the bluing, which should hold up better with time. If I were not going to get it, I would get an Uberti 1873 Special Sporting instead, which is effectively the same gun except case hardened. https://www.winchesterguns.com/products/rifles/model-1873/model-1873-current-products/model-73-sporter-octagon-pistol-grip.html https://www.uberti-usa.com/1873-rifle-and-carbine What is spurring my post is that sadly there is not one single (emphasis applied) new or even used blued Winchester 1873 .357 in the US it seems. Frankly, unless someone here has the hookup (would be immensely appreciated) I think I might be waiting a year until I can locate a gun. I even tried looking at custom shops seeing if someone even had a souped up one in their inventory. With that said, I wanted to just take this time to confirm, which of these two guns (or perhaps, another) would be a great "one a done" soft-shooting smooth-action gallery type lever action. I think the answer is in the Winchester, but I will say if it take a year and cross-country online search to find one - wow - I would never want to have to try to even find parts for such a gun. I could buy an Uberti today in comparison. Frankly, I wonder what the heck Winchester is doing - they can't even fill their own catalog with the items of this country, of which, they and their product originated. Oh well, no use to fuss. Kind Regards and Thank You,
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