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  1. Yes to the first three. Not quite to the last. ( I retired, but got bored and went back to work.. Just at a much smaller and quieter place. ) Thanks all for the replies. I'm going to a shoot this coming weekend to watch and learn.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I became interested in the idea of SASS when a friend told me he is going to participate in a Wild Bunch shoot (too bad he lives in another state, I'd go watch him in that event). I haven't bought anything yet. I figured I go to the experts before I do and ask. I do plan to attend a few shoots before I decide. I also have a phone number, I got from a local gun store that is a big Uberti dealer, for a local holster maker. I have been reading the rules for SASS, so when I do make my selections they will comply with them. I also want to develop a rough outline for the character/persona I would be portraying and base my choices on that character. The costuming part seems like it would be fun to put together. I'm a history buff (mostly WWII) and want to learn more about the old west period. If, the historical period is supposed to be the mid to late 1880's, I thought about making the character a Civil War veteran and using a Civil War style belt as a base for the holsters. But, I also like the idea of using a River or Border Patrol style belt too. I'm not sure about the Buscadero style, even though it is the classic 1950's movie style belt. If SASS ever decided to do a "Adam-12" 1960s/70s type competition; to quote Doc Holiday in Tombstone, "I'm your Huckleberry." I like the idea of a crossdraw for my second pistol, mainly because my two guns aren't a matching pair (I would also want a non matching holster to my primary to give the impression that they were acquired at different times). I also realize there are strict rules on that type of holster, for the obvious muzzle sweep safety factor. I have lurked here for a little while and read that some started with a crossdraw, then went to two strong side holsters and found they did better in the competitions. I also need to still get a proper style shotgun.
  3. Hello all. This is my first post here. So, let me introduce myself. I currently don’t shoot or participate in any type of CAS/SASS. I am a long time shooter and firearms enthusiast. My background is in law enforcement. I started when revolvers were still standard issue. I feel fortunate that I was taught combat revolver before the transition to semi-auto pistols in the 1990s. About 15 years ago I started collecting police revolvers, mostly four inch S&W K/L-frames with a few N-Frames and Colts. Having said that, I have recently purchased my first single action revolvers and a lever action rifle. I bought them more out of a desire to have the adult versions of toys I had as a kid. I bought the Henry Big Boy “all weather” in .357. It shoots well and is easy to use. I have since read that Henry isn’t the most “authentic” or true to history rifle for the SASS sport. But, I wanted that particular rifle because it looked just like a toy rifle I had as a kid, made a company called Marx. The two revolvers are also in .357 (a blued Ruger Vaquero and a stainless Uberti El Patron) and are also reminiscent of childhood toys. I chose .357 to simplify calibers and to have the cross-platform rifle with my more modern revolvers. So, now it’s time to get gun leather for them. Perusing the various websites, I have come to the conclusion, buying western gun leather is very much like buying police duty leather. The belts are very similar and holster ride varies just like current day leather. I can get a semi customizable belt, choose a holster style, add all the accessories, like ammo slides, and place them where they make the most sense for me. Or, I can get what is sort of a “standard issue” movie type where things like the ammo loops have a set location. I have been looking at both custom made and what I refer to as “off the rack.” In the LE world most leather is off the rack (where I work issues Gould & Goodrich belts/pouches and Safariland holsters). My problem is I don’t know of any stocking dealers of western gun leather in my local area where I can go to pick/choose and compare the various products. I was wondering, from those who participate in the sport, what you think about “Triple-K” brand as a starter or entry rig? It seems this brand is one of the bigger off the rack types for SASS sports. I like their designs. They also make modern police duty gear, but I don’t have any experience with them. El Paso Saddlery is another brand I’ve looked at as an off the rack. I want to get something that is a decent quality, can hold up to some use if I decided I want to give CAS/SASS a try but, doesn’t break the bank on a “maybe” venture into a new sport. (I’ve been playing phone tag with the local club to find out when their next shoot day is and to ask if I can attend as a spectator) From there, if I really liked the sport, I would look at upgrading to a custom or semi-custom rig from say Mernickle or Kirkpatrick, for example. If you’ve read this far, thank you. And, thank you in advance for any insight or advice.
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