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  1. are the plastic hulls reusable with BP and this method?
  2. thanks for the advise, I think these will be one and done as I have a pretty ready supply of used hulls down at the trap and skeet range. I plan on getting some 1 oz field loads, pulling the shot to make my BP loads and reloading the field loads with cast buckshot, can't have too much buckshot. I'm going to try 1/2 oz or 2/3 oz BP loads to make the shot last longer. If I have difficulty with the knockdowns, I'll bump up the payload a bit. I've had pretty good groups muzzle loading my shotgun using paper tube wads to help hold the pattern together, more R&D needed though.
  3. primer seater spring was weak, I don't think it affected anything, just one of the things I remember from using it. also, the spring that held up the hoppers was sagging a bit.
  4. had a mini in Nairobi. she was a top notch pooch. the people that had her before we did had colobus monkeys in their yard these can be up to 10 times heavier than your average 6 lb mini D. anyway, they would tease her, and throw sticks at her etc. one day the branch one of the monkeys was sitting on broke and dear sweet little Taffy ran over there and ripped it's throat out. Moral of the story, don't mess with dogs bred to go down badger holes after wounded badgers.
  5. This plan I've hatched is just temporary (unless it works ) I haven't seen Magtech 20 gauge hulls for sale except maybe once in the last year and a half. at a minimum of $30 a box it'll be upwards of $120 for a hundred. I want to go that route eventually, but I know I won't have that ready by the time I want to get out to my next match. I have them on my short list to buy a box here or there when available. Just need something to get started with until I can source them and in greater quantities than my spending budget currently allows.
  6. answered my own question. Plus shipping obviously, but I've got a pile of "free" lee accessories I need to just buy at some point.
  7. spring kits from Lee are usually only the cost of shipping and come free if you are buying something else from them...
  8. anyone make an inexpensive base sizer for 20 gauge? Also, wouldn't it matter more going in than coming out? if it chambers, it shouldn't be any different than a sized shell?
  9. I have a friend with an older Lee LoadAll, springs wear out over time and you have to remember what you're doing or you get a bunch of powder everywhere and it gums up the primer feed, which seems like a bad day waiting to happen... I don't know if that's any worse than any other shotgun loader out there, but that's what I observed...
  10. @Alpo, my apologies for the scroll down memory lane, I'm catching up on memes, I had thought the picture would come up with the post. The bad math was the joke, guess I'll have to try again later.
  11. Black powder loads in random hulls scavenged from trap and skeet range. No shotshell reloading equipment. should I just over shot card and glue, or get a roll crimper? if glue, what works best on plastic hulls?
  12. I once drizzled a normal glazed donut with Arby's Horsey Sauce to look like a maple frosting as an office prank... the sweetness of the wailing of the victim was only surpassed by the 3 other people she got to try it when she couldn't figure out why it tasted so bad... Somehow I still work here...
  13. One of my coworkers was at the Independence Ks gun range and ran into a fella who was practicing with his Uberti Colts and was looking to start shooting Cowboy matches. He didn't get his name or Alias. If you come across a new cowboy from Montgomery Co. KS area tell him El CupAJoe wishes to make his acquaintance. I appreciate it!
  14. What are the rules on long range BB single shot? can I shoot a percussion Hawken? Also, what's the cutoff for sending in an application?
  15. One of the first CAS related names I ever heard of was Coyote Cap, even before I new what SASS was. He was a legend, I'm sorry I never got to meet him. My prayers and condolences for your family.
  16. Should I 3D print and spray paint gold a buckle for Fanciest B-Western 1892 Hollywood Henry ...
  17. my .357 L-Frame Comp II's came in the mail today and they work perfectly even with the factory grips! that's one advantage of the larger frame revolvers over the J-frames, they usually have better grip clearance for speedloaders in my opinion.
  18. If I was a gamer in a different game, I'd like to see about getting it in a 22 tcm... full auto small bore handguns have traditionally held some merit as a more manageable and concealment alternative to a shotgun.
  19. found a decent deal over on ebay, thanks for the help @Long Fingers, SASS#56813
  20. I'm partial to compii's myself. didn't see the need for extra steps and wiggling.
  21. Hey all, I usually carry my Charter Arms Pro V reloads using zeta six strips I can pack 12 rounds very compactly, and can load 3, 2 or 1 at at time if I'm topping off. but being cold weather right now, it'd prefer to have a proper speed loader. unfortunately, being that the ProV only came out a couple years ago, I can't find it on any of the speedloader fit charts. the center to center of opposing primer distance is 25 mm. if you guys with DA revolvers could check that measurement on your 6 shot 38/.357 DA revolvers and let me know if there are any matches it'll give me a starting for selecting a speedloader. Thanks in advance.
  22. Apparently, this is not always the best advice... but if you do you may have a good story to tell at the end of it...
  23. it's a semi rimmed cartridge, I bet it'll chamber and fire from a 327 mag revolver.
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