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  1. could also hang a gun from a SG bandolier.
  2. Powder Valley is where I usually look as they are close enough to where I am to arrange for a pickup. Graf's also carries BP, both sell online.
  3. Grew up in Healy, my siblings have all moved back up to the Wasilla/Palmer area last few years. My wife and I are hoping to make a trip sometime next summer, thanks for posting the club website.
  4. Praying for you and yours.
  5. Oh look! Custom gun! The isolation made me do it.. I have dubbed it, the Ben Shapiro, because it's shortish, circumcised and persuasive in an argument...
  6. Repost to clean up my old post as everything else sold. Lee 500-360-M used once, makes nice bullets, has some discoloration from the beeswax lube I used on it. $35 shipped, I'll include my homemade bullet sizers, .496 and .498 made from old sockets (just use a dowel and mallet, no press required). willing to consider trades for 36 or 44 cal cap and ball molds (round ball or conical) or 50 cal rifle molds or 38/357 molds, 20 gauge brass shells, 20 gauge roll crimper, bag of shot, Cowboy hat, lee drum or disk powder measure. can accept ftf, cash app, venmo, paypal, willing to try bitcoin
  7. is it common to not have frontiersman at the KS State championships? Just curious. If I was signing up for a category today, It would probably be duelist as I haven't decided if I want to shoot my long guns in BP, but I don't see a need to put brass in my sixguns
  8. Last year, I actually had Covid over thanksgiving, I grew a moustache as a way to stay productive while I was convalescing. So, making cowboy modifications seems to be the thing to do on quarantine for me...
  9. I bought a hip flask for a water bottle when I was in college, it was a dry campus so I got lot's of chuckles when I'd pull it out during long engineering classes.
  10. my son tested positive for Covid and is back at school today having completed his symptom free quarantine, the rest of us having been locked up since thanksgiving are still serving out our house arrest sentences. My $200 hardware store Stevens 315 is sitting in the corner about to undergo a similar fate I think, I blame being locked up too much... I'm trying to see if I can add a fresh hacksaw blade to the wife's next Walmart pickup... Mine will retain the 18+ inch barrels and 26"+ OAL to keep it SASS and Fed friendly. the thing already serves as my trunk gun so this will make it more packable.
  11. I think that goes for bottom end anything, the best Lenovo's are the ones that are marketed to IT departments, they have features like hardware you can replace without voiding your warranty, (including mother boards which Is crazy on a laptop) (at least they did when I was using them a while back). I've found good deals by buying show room sample laptops at the end of the season. just be aware that if battery life is important, don't go that route, laptops that are plugged in for a year have bad batteries.
  12. Also saw it on YouTube, been wanting one to mod up for a bit, but not with conversion cylinders.
  13. tried to send you a PM, but it says you cannot receive messages. Please advise.
  14. Was listening to my radio DJ the other day talk about how he used to go to Canada for Christmas at his grandparents' house every year. His grandma would get everyone up early to open presents, but there would be no coffee because Tim Horton's wasn't open...as they grew older, they purchased a coffee pot for grandma and grandpa, it only got used on christmas morning each year.
  15. Californians discovering new Renewable resources...
  16. Be wary of this, my Dodge Dakota had a broken shifter cable bracket, even though the shifter said it was in park it was in drive and when we hot wired it, thing started to move. I wouldn't want to be underneath in that situation and you probably want someone sitting next to the brake.
  17. It's a stevens 315 action, the dim shown with the tape was the one that was too long on Kid Hawkins' stock.
  18. I'm thinking about it, also thinking about using my stock to make a mold and casting one out of hard resin.... . I've toyed with the idea of making this pistol grip shotgun stock, forend, and grips for my pistols all out of some purple heart or other exotic wood.
  19. on the topic at hand, I feel bad for the grieving families that have to deal with all this Alec drama while dealing with the loss of their wife/mom. on a completely unrelated note, I once bought a used .22 SNS for about $80 at a big box store. It was having issues feeding from the magazine, so to load it up, I dropped one in the chamber and dropped the slide. Finger off the trigger, the extractor hit the rim and fired the shot, put a hole in my table. I confirmed this at the range, where I repeated the procedure scientifically with my finger off the trigger. I also found that dropping the slide or firing the gun with a full magazine would result in the gun continually firing until either it jammed or the magazine emptied. I took it back to the store and got 80% of my money back per there policy after explaining to them that under no circumstances should this gun ever leave their store in a customer's hands ever again. who knows if they took my advice.
  20. A similar system of promotions separate from permanent rank was used during WW2 and I believe WW1 as well.
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