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  1. There was a turbo prop commuter plane taking off from Aberdeen Airport about 2001, I think, it hit a flock of Canadian and snow geese, if I recall correctly approximately 21 impacts. One of the birds dislodged the windshield wiped, it flew back into the prop. The prop hit it into the cabin, where the windshield wiper found its new home in someone 's leg.
  2. I did bird strike testing on props in Wichita at my previous job. We had a 40 foot potato gun. Pushed a 4 lb chicken to the same muzzle velocity as a 45acp. We'd rain chicken all over the parking lot.
  3. Congrats on your first shoot! looks like fun!
  4. If my time is worth more than the accuracy of the rounds I'm putting together, i.e. I need to bust out a bunch of 38 special ASAP because we're going to put a bunch of it in the hill tomorrow, I just powdercoat and load. I'll get lead shavings that need to be wiped off my press every 50-100 rounds, but as far as sizing, my lee Auto Breechlock Pro has the 4th station so I factory crimp them and that sizes them in the case. cheap and low time investment, not what I would do for accuracy. If you want to save time on sizing, and you have a Lee Bullet Feeder, you can often rig those to feed into your sizing die depending on your press arrangement.
  5. Farmer Jake Holliday, "I have two guns, one for each of your disguises" Would it be inappropriate for Theo to use Tom's help to pattern his Turkey gun before Wednesday?
  6. I am in the process of stoning down my hand on my '58, mine is better now, but i still need to take some material off.
  7. timing and light primer strikes where what I sent mine in for, also the grip didn't fit right. my theory on the light primer strikes is that because CA uses the small frame grip, and hammer geometry, the spring looses mechanical advantage when they just add length to the hammer to make it work on their large frame guns. normally, you would redo your grip geometry on a large frame gun to give you the necessary mechanical advantage. I do appreciate that I can have a k frame gun with a j frame grip for CC though. New spring has had no issues with light primer strikes and now that I've cut a coil or two off, the trigger pull isn't ridiculous, still heavier than the factory spring though. when I first put the XP spring on, my wife had to use both hands to dry fire it. you should consider the Barami Hip Grip for CA, I got mine for $8 on Ebay, makes my total carry package 28 Oz for a 6 shot .357. carries real nice.
  8. I sent it to them first still had light primer strikes when it came back, in fairness to them, they fixed the other issues I was asking them to address.
  9. if you have a long pin and use the screw method, and can reinsert it into the gun without having to move the pin to the other side of the shoe, no vise required.
  10. literally posted this this morning should have checked here first! only thing I'll add is that for the first method, depending on the gun, you may be able to lay the assembly in the gun and remove the pin instead of using a vice and grips. my charter arms was this way.
  11. yup, kills Banderas' brother, then pickles the head and drinks from the jar. runs a slave mine and plans on killing all the workers to keep it a secret... Also has sweet guns, but definitely up there with cruel villians.
  12. My favorite use for old crayons is to sort them into primary groups, melt them, and make colored smoke bombs, you can find this on youtube
  13. Here's my vote, Not sure where he stacks up as I haven't seen many on the list, but talk about a psyco. the setting is pretty early to be a cowboy movie, but it is the west, and he carries a colt, so I think he counts.
  14. Hey All, Figured this out on Saturday, I don't recall ever seeing anyone cover this anywhere and thought it might help someone. I was doing some work on my Charter Arms Pro V. As it came from the factory, it has been giving me light primer strikes. To compensate for this I purchased a Wolff Extra Power spring. Removing a coil hammer spring assembly is pretty easy from this and similar guns, like Ruger double actions. Step 0, remove ammunition from Gun Step 1, remove grips Step 2, cock hammer Step 3, insert a pin/stiff paper clip etc into exposed hole in spring guide rod Step 4, de-cock hammer, this frees the spring assembly to be removed as the pin holds the spring compressed. Step 5 remove the spring assembly. This is pretty simple if all you have to do is remove the assembly to deep clean or work on your gun, if you are replacing the spring things get a little more interesting. Step 6, remove the pin Step 7, find the parts that shot around the room when the spring decompressed and you weren't holding everything right Step 8, remember that you should have been wearing safety glasses Step 9, remove and replace spring on guide rod Here's the tip; when I first did this next part, I had to line everything up, find a slot that I could push the guide rod retaining piece against, use both hands and some pliers to compress the assembly and hold it while my wife got in there somehow and reinserted the pin, this is not ideal. I always assumed they must have an assembly fixture at the factory to make this a breeze, maybe they do, but this tip doesn't need one. Step 10, insert pin into guide rod through uncompressed spring. Step 11, twist spring around guide rod to slowly compress it using the springs coils like a screw, a longer/stiffer pin helps, and getting a good grip on the springs may require more than finger pressure, I was able to do it, but you might need a leather strip, gloves or soft jawed pliers if it gives you problems. if you are going to oil your spring, I recommend doing it after it's all reassembled to avoid grip issues on this step. Step 12, if your spring has a closed end, it probably won't rotate past the last coil, but there may still be enough room to slip the retaining piece on the end and insert the whole assembly into position on the gun, this worked for me, it may work for you Step 13, Remove the pin while holding the assembly in the gun, check hammer/trigger function, Replace grips and you're done! it was so easy compared to what I had done before, I actually did it a few times Saturday as I was taking some coils off my XP spring to tune it. I hope this helps someone, I just wish I would have known about it sooner.
  15. With only 2 exceptions my whole time owning guns as an adult, I have only had one centerfire handgun at a time, and with only 4 exceptions, those handguns have been .357 magnum revolvers. I got into gun ownership during Obummer's administration and ammo was difficult to come by. I decided to minimize my logistics worries and focus on reloading 1 cartridge that would do 80% of everything I could see as firearm needs for myself at the time. .357 magnum was the cartridge that could do almost anything for me, so I bought my first .357 Magnum, a Ruger 77/357 and strong contender for my favorite .357 I have owned. shortly thereafter I bought my first centerfire handgun, a Ruger LCR in 38 special. the 38LCR was too much recoil for my new to me wife and I wanted a Magnum, so the LCR was leveraged to purchase the 4.2" SP101, which is an amazing gun. enough barrel to pacify the "9mm is just as good as .357" crowd, light enough for EDC on the hip, heavy enough to let my wife enjoy 38's and me to tolerate .357's. it is the gun I have judged every other carry gun I have had since. I won't get into all the reasons why each transaction took place but the SP101 gave way to a Security Six, which was replaced by a 9mm because I needed something, and that was replaced by a 6" 7shot Taurus tracker I carried briefly, tracker gone, I now have the 3 inch, six shot, 25 oz Charter Arms Professional V. the CA ProV is not my favorite .357 magnum, but it is the cheapest gun that checks every stinkin box for what I want in a carry gun. .357 Magnum 6 shots (more than 5, best compatibility with quality speed loaders, not too bulky) less than 30 Oz total carry weight, (gun, holster, ammunition in the gun. does not include weight of reloads as those are carried in other locations) at least 22 Oz empty weight for recoil tolerance. at least a 3" barrel Good Sights other benefits Made in the USA Lifetime Guarantee $375 new in 2020 compatible with all grips for CA's the only other current production guns I can think of off the top of my head that meet all my carry requirements are the Kimber K6S, the Chiappa Rhino and the Colt King Cobra Carry, these are all over twice what I paid for the gun I have. I think that they are all better guns than the one I have, but times are what they are. If there are any others that meet my criteria, I can't think of them, you'll notice who doesn't have a revolver on this list, Ruger and S&W. Other .357's I've had Win94AE and now my Rossi 92. If I can only have 1 .357 of the one's I've owned, I'll have to default to my CA because it is the box checking compromise king (although I'd rather have the 4 inch black finish, this was just what was available). my top three favorite .357's that i've owned were the 77/357, SP101 and Win94AE. My Grail .357 PS, if I ever show up to a Wild Bunch match with one of these, don't pay any attention to the brass coming out of the gun, it identifies as 45 ACP for cowboy purposes.
  16. as a person who has spent too many hours looking at BOMs to determine if our parts needed a sticker or not, the company should have taken my advice and just slapped the stupid sticker on every single box that goes out the door because the charcoal black in the ink on the box could cause cancer and just be done with it. Countless dollars and moments of our lives could have been saved.
  17. there's a local children's boutique called Bows and Britches, I have to check myself every time to make sure I put the R in the correct word.
  18. I had the pleasure of visiting the eagle when I was quite young as we visited my uncle at the Coast Guard Academy, he has since retired from the CG as any further promotions would have removed him from the flight line and went on to serve as a Navy pilot and Alaska Air pilot, at least a little while longer until the Fauci Ouchy dictates ground him.
  19. Probably doesn't upset Pat to comment on this as it was in the Friday humor thread, but it may upset Alley that this made me want Chinese for lunch...
  20. I see the star cappers as a frontiersman's version of the load blocks, take two with you to the line, load five on each cylinder, have 2 spares in case of misfire. advantage on these style, mine is the Polish Capper version is I can cap on the next up chamber and not worry about cylinder indexing if I want to .
  21. My wife says she hasn't noticed this phenomenon...
  22. Seems like an interesting idea, have any videos I could watch where this is used?
  23. May you continue to know the company of the Comforter in your convalescence.
  24. I'll be trying out some of these techniques, if I figure out a way to safely dri-fire my cap guns I'll let ya'll in on it.
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