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  1. Hey all, I've got a hankerin to take a hacksaw to the stock on my hardware store branded stevens 315 and make it a birdshead/Shockwave style, but I'm not sure if I'll like it and I'd like the option of retaining my original stock in case I need to pass the gun along to someone who doesn't appreciate my Bubba gun. If you have a cracked or broken Steven's 311 or 315 or other varient stock you're willing to part with for cheap please let me know.
  2. Got it tore down enough to confirm it's a 315 variant. Found out how to decock it without dry firing which allowed me to inspect the firing pins. They seem to stick out pretty far but don't seem to be mushroomed. Maybe if I can figure out how to take the pins out and put them back in easy, I'll throw in some lighter springs and put a washer in the stop so the firing pins don't protrude so much. I may also get an extra opening lever guide rod so I can shorten it so that it doesn't always re-engage the safety when I open it up.
  3. Looking at the old Crescent models, I couldn't find a box lock that looked like mine, but I did notice that mine looks like a stevens boxlock of 311, 315 or some variation therof, guess I'm going to have to do some more research and figure out what action mine actually is. this comment was on the movie I posted earlier
  4. I keep thinking of changing to Lesco Brandon, but I don't imagine people will know what it is when future cowboy me becomes better...
  5. So, we had a kid about nine months after valentine's day last year... with 4 weeks of paternity leave my work offers, my wife was glad to kick me out into the woods for a bit...
  6. Thanks guys for the reply, one last thing, I think in addition to having to cock the strikers/hammers on opening, I believe the firing pins are sticking and dragging in the primers and they are the primary problem with opening hard. any suggestions to correct this issue?
  7. Here's a vid of the action, same gun and hardware store branding as mine, this one is just in 12, mine's in 20.
  8. what's the theory on this? just curious.
  9. Hey All, I have a hardware store branded hammerless 20 gauge sxs manufactured by Crescent I think. It's manufactured sometime in the early 1900's and it's main quality is that It has no value so I can do whatever I want with it. Also, it has a very cool brown finish which I like because you don't see anything finished that way these days. Picked it up for about $200 shipped and transferred a few years back. I've used it sparingly for a few years as a trap skeet and hunting gun. I'd like to get it running better as I won't be upgrading it for some time and it is sometimes a pain to break open after firing and factory shells don't just fall out. do you know of any resources in slicking up these guns and what's the preferred method for polishing chambers? I will likely be replacing the stocks as well as the originals are starting to strip where the wood screws hold things together and the 100+ year old wood is soft. Thanks in advance for your help!
  10. ... as a factory takedown Chinese '97?
  11. If I were Rittenhouse I wouldn't accept any settlement that didn't include a cease and desist for use of my name or image under any circumstances by the liars. except for some very narrow and fact based things like Mr. Rittenhouse, our boss or Mr Rittenhouse spoke under condition of anonymity about his recent acquisition and liquidation of MSNBC...
  12. I watched Hatari a lot when I was a kid, before I moved to Nairobi. Driving around the savanna in an open top land cruiser looking for critters is as fun as it looks (that's how I got my profile pic). Moved back to the states when i graduated high school. Edit: I just popped it in and saw that it was filmed in Tanganyika that's what Tanzania was before merging with Zanzibar. If you look at the Kenya/Tanzania border, you'll see it does a jog around kilimanjaro, that's because the queen of England gave it to the Tzarina of Russia as a birthday present.
  13. It's been a minute, let's try this again, feel free to make an offer if you want something.
  14. My 5 year old may be a boomer, last night he requested, and was denied toast with ketchup for dinner.
  15. If you don't want political content then don't follow the following advise and search for this yourself, but I like Bill Whittle's take on this in his vid "Dammit boy's they're getting away"
  16. TV Shows that I got bored with and don't intend to finish Bonanza The Rifleman (I actually really like some of the episodes, but I just have no desire to go back and finish it) Movies I've seen once and probably won't watch again, Tombstone (great Hollywood production, I just feel like it lacks all historical context) Quigley down under. I don't feel like the acting was done well on this one. Rickman always bothers me when he's trying too hard to be evil. Not a big fan of Harry potter, but he's much more useful as an actor in a role where people believe he's the villain but isn't.
  17. If anyone can beat the British it's more British! Like we did when we decided to be not British anymore. As the captain of the serapis said when finding out he had been beat by Americans, "it's diamond cut diamond".
  18. There was a turbo prop commuter plane taking off from Aberdeen Airport about 2001, I think, it hit a flock of Canadian and snow geese, if I recall correctly approximately 21 impacts. One of the birds dislodged the windshield wiped, it flew back into the prop. The prop hit it into the cabin, where the windshield wiper found its new home in someone 's leg.
  19. I did bird strike testing on props in Wichita at my previous job. We had a 40 foot potato gun. Pushed a 4 lb chicken to the same muzzle velocity as a 45acp. We'd rain chicken all over the parking lot.
  20. Congrats on your first shoot! looks like fun!
  21. If my time is worth more than the accuracy of the rounds I'm putting together, i.e. I need to bust out a bunch of 38 special ASAP because we're going to put a bunch of it in the hill tomorrow, I just powdercoat and load. I'll get lead shavings that need to be wiped off my press every 50-100 rounds, but as far as sizing, my lee Auto Breechlock Pro has the 4th station so I factory crimp them and that sizes them in the case. cheap and low time investment, not what I would do for accuracy. If you want to save time on sizing, and you have a Lee Bullet Feeder, you can often rig those to feed into your sizing die depending on your press arrangement.
  22. Farmer Jake Holliday, "I have two guns, one for each of your disguises" Would it be inappropriate for Theo to use Tom's help to pattern his Turkey gun before Wednesday?
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