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  1. EDIT: Had some guys take me up so I'm good for today, if you would like something like this feel free to DM me, I don't know if there's any nickel plated 45 LC brass out there, but I'm interested in it if there is. I'm about out of 45-70 brass for my pen making gig, I'd like to trade one of my Pocket-Size "Jimmy" Pens for your old shot up 45-70 brass. Pictured is the ballpoint, contact me if you'd prefer a fountain pen. Ballpoints accept D1 refills or Lamy M22 refills. Fountain Pen uses short international cartridges only. Pens have a slip fit posting method. On the ballpoint only, you can also post the pen with the magnets installed in the primer pockets.
  2. I have a lot of respect for my uncle. He retired a few years back as any more promotions would have resulted in him no longer being able to fly C130's. He's doing commercial and Navy flying now. at one point he was on board a cutter for the biggest drug bust up to that time.
  3. Looking at a wood stocked Stoeger Double Defense. the rails are removable, if I replaced the fiber optic front sight with a brass bead would it be sass legal, or do the ported barrels still disqualify it? am I missing something else that might disqualify it from SASS usage. Please advise. Regards,
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