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  1. I use the rechargeable walker silencers. They work very well for shoots but excel for yard work (keeping the ambient volume down and having a separate control for music volume!)
  2. I saw! It's a nice hunk of steel. Sadly It's about out of my budget, especially for my first beater, and after my other splurge purchases. Perhaps after I play a but and decide what I like the best.
  3. I've had a bit of luck. So far we've went a little wild and picked up clones of an 87 AND a 97. Still feeling a little wily and want a sxs to complete the trifecta. Give myself plenty of excuses to get out and practice.
  4. Thanks, guys. I'll definitely keep an eye on the Baikal on GB. Wasn't finding much for sale local. Suppose I was also hoping to find something used, or maybe even slicked up already, as I was looking to give it a beating myself. Did find a new stoger close that was awfully stiff and would certainly need some attention right off the bat.
  5. Here are the plastic grips, City Dude. Couldn't attach a picture to the pm. P.S. he doesn't have the rosewood; so I'm still looking.
  6. First if heard of them. Do appreciate the lead! They look nice at a reasonable price point. However, I was looking to save some gold as the start-up costs for a newbie have been pretty high. Was looking to just match my other set for the time being. Although I can definitely see an upgrade coming down the pipeline.
  7. Looking for a set of rosewood stock take-offs for now. One of my irons has the black plastic. Ruger’s site is out of stock.
  8. Replied. Thinking of staying away from the hammered sxs for now unless it's a real deal. Being my other equipment is .357 for the time being, I don't believe I can do classic cowboy yet anyhow. Perhaps that'll be something to add after I have enough LC equipment.
  9. Howdy, New member here looking to participate in my first match. Have been out to check out the action, but haven’t drawn any steel yet. Something reliable to get me in the action. I’m located in western PA. Edit: Have a repop '87 &‘97 on the way. Still looking for a decent SXS to see what works best for me. Also think an old lever would be a lot of fun. Slapped together my first cart this week. Pic for attention. Hopefully it works out right!! Thanks! Wily
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