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  1. Checked the spring again. It seems fine. The problem seems to be, the round (s) following the initial/first round into the chamber catch on the follower and I can't close the receiver and chamber the round. Examining these bullets, it looks like the catch is hitting the tip of the lead bullet as they show a slight indentation. Anyone else having this problem? If so, what steps did you take to solve it? Looking forward to some warm weather and getting to the range. As always, I appreciate any and all feedback.
  2. I did when I first encountered this problem. The Spencer has been on the shelf since. Won't hurt to check it again. Thank you for your input. Much appreciated!
  3. Sedalia, thank You. I'll check them out. Much appreciated.
  4. My Spencer carbine in 45 Long colt seems to have worn out the magazine spring. It not longer feeds properly. Can anyone recommend a good source to order a replacement? Also, anyone have problems with fired rounds sticking in the chamber? Not certain if my loads are to strong as the dummy rounds (used) to cycle with no problem. Amy information on the above two questions would be appreciated. Thank you, Nettlesworth
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