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About Me

Lucky Drover Mo is my Alias and that name came to me from some of the early experiences surrounding my single-action shooting start.

I took the name "Lucky" as there were two cowboys who really had an impact on my going into cowboy action shooting. Irish Kid, whom I met at the Pursuit into the Osage at Woolaroc, Ok. he was Posse Marshal and  beyond that just an all-around good guy. Also, Three-shot Shamrock, a guy who helped and advised me in cowboy action and other shooting arts from an expert's standpoint. I have been Lucky to know these guys and so many others and so "Lucky" pays tribute to them.


I'll tell you about "Drover" now. I began at a shoot where there was a stage set up called 'Drover's Store.' This was my first clean stage or, as I recall, the first place cowboy-action shooting really became fun. Well, I might have been looking at that sign when I had to come up with an alias too, who knows.


I tagged on "Mo" because I love being from Missouri and having studied outlaw and cowboy history in Missouri I am obliged to carry that name. I figured for a true-to-Missouri-heritage style of shooting ,with all the bush-whackers, Josey Wales types and cavalry scouts, one handed shooting would be appropriate. On good advice, I believe, I was dissuaded from starting right out as a Gunfighter and so for now I shoot as a Duelist.


I like to shoot in as many unique locations as possible and sometimes can bring a few of my boys with me when they aren't playing sports or other things young kids do these days. My family is important to me and I try to have them around for shoots whenever possible.  


Cowboy history is a topic you can always hold me up for; after a match or during a break let's talk. I could tell you some things I know but I also love to hear anything you know too. I am encouraged by the cowboy action community and so far never met a cowboy I didn't like.


Look forward to seeing you at a shoot sometime,

Lucky Drover Mo 

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