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  1. Gas prices on the bases are linked to the average community prices by current law....as  such, I never buy on base anymore, as the prices are generally higher than anywhere I would purchase. They don't figure in "club" prices, such as Costco or Sam's.

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  2. I'm viewing it as Backorder, right now, and they are taking orders. I have ordered some stuff listed this way and received it the next week from Starline, although the 7mm-08 I ordered 5 or 6 weeks ago is still listed as "processing," so the "backorder" status can vary greatly.

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  3. I was assigned to the System Engineering Directorate of the National Missile Defense Joint Program Office in Crystal City, Virginia. I had told my wife the night before I was going to get a haircut that day: I regularly had my hair cut at the Pentagon. When I arrived at work that morning, I remembered there was a System Engineering Review board I needed to attend (I wasn't presenting, but I was expected to attend), so I scrapped my plans for my morning haircut and went to the meeting. This was a classified meeting and there should not have been any phones or Blackberry devices in that meeting, but two or three of these things had made a sound at one point. The System Engineer then said we were going to stop for a break at that point and that there appeared to have been a plane that collided with the World Trade Center. I went out of the meeting room, picked up my Blackberry from the box and walked up to the north window of that room as I turned it on as I was going to call my Wife and wanted to get a good signal. Just as I approached the window, a loud explosion shook the building. I could see a large plume of black smoke in the direction of the Pentagon and my first thoughts were of a car/truck bomb. Several of us found a break room with a television and saw the news reports about a plane that had apparently crashed into the World Trade Center. As we watched the reporting, that second plane hit the World Trade Center and my immediate thoughts were War. The news of an explosion at the Pentagon came on the television shortly after that. We watched the news for the better part of an hour before leaving that building. I had tried to call my Wife, but the phone lines were all busy. At one point, I did see a voicemail message pop up and I eventually was able to get access to the voicemail message...it was my Wife, saying that my Aunt had contacted her to tell her to turn on the news. My Wife knew I had planned to go to the Pentagon that morning for a haircut and she was in tears. Caught up in the moment, she forgot to hang up the phone and I wanted to get through that voicemail in case there was another one...well, that voicemail went for the better part of 20 minutes as I had to listen to my Wife cry and fret in the background. It was another 90 minutes before I was able to get a call through to my Wife. Everything was shutting down and we were sent home. The Metro line was shut down, so I started walking north to the Pentagon. Was going to donate blood, but found out I was on the Army's Mad Cow list and my blood is no good anymore. I eventually walked far enough north along the Metro line to get a train back to Vienna, Virginia and got home about 4:30 PM that afternoon. 

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  4. I can get the same call regarding such and such warranty from three different area codes within several hours of each other. I know this because I get the same truncated voice mail on my phone. I honestly don't answer any number anymore that I don't recognize. I would guess I get somewhere around 3-5 spam calls for every genuine call. With my rotating shift work, I do make use of the Do Not Disturb feature on my iPhone--only those on my Favorites list will ring through when that is engaged...I do want my wife or family members to be able to reach me in the event of an emergency. 

  5. 14 hours ago, Turkey Flats Jack said:

    If this is still available I'd be interested in it. Shoot me a pm of where and how much shipping would be.




    T.F. Jack 

    T.F., I still have it due to the fact it would cost about $50 to ship it from Colorado to Oregon...just a 5 pound 4 oz box, but due to that single piece handle, a 14 x 14 x 16 box is needed; shipping rates are up! If you still have interest, drop me a PM.


  6. Last fall, I took a large load of stuff in an estate sale...one of those "take it all and make me an offer" deals. Some stuff I really wanted, some of it was cleaning house for the flipper. I haven't been able to toss this yet...it is one of the two pieces of a Dillon case/media separator...but don't have the bin part. If anyone is interested in this (it is the smaller of the two Dillon offers), you can have it for the cost of shipping.


  7. The majority of us over there back in 2009-2010 felt strongly that the Afghan Army would just crumble when we left...that was 11 years ago. Nothing happened to change that assessment over the years among others that went and came back. I don't feel like writing a long piece here, but will say the place and the people and their circumstances are not what folks in the Western world would expect or easily understand. Lots of costs involved by our country, both fiscal and human. There is going to be a lot of human tragedy that will continue over there, too. I will say, I think we could have done a better planned and executed exit...but it was never going to end like one might hope.

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  8. 10 hours ago, Singin' Sue 71615 said:

    My dad always said if he lost his abilities to think for himself, to drive him to the top of the mountain and let the bears have him.

    Funny how we can joke when we have no fear of dying.

    Great observation of the majority of us, but there are a few that fall outside the box. I met a woman last year. My wife was caring for her in her last several months of her life and she was in her late 80s. She was clear of mind and had no fear of death. She talked of her thankfulness for the life the good Lord had given her over the years, she chastised people around her that they better not worry when her time came to move on and she had an extremely sharp  wit and wry sense of humor. It was a blessing to me to have met this woman and spent some time with her near the end of her life and listening and speaking to those who knew her for much longer than I did...well, she had that same effect on many others throughout her life. 

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  9. 12 hours ago, Singin' Sue 71615 said:

    It isn't required for our plots either. And digging/covering by shovel doesn't cost anything either. Great living in the country, ain't it?

    My youngest brother has said to just put him into the dumpster behind his post office...he says you can put anything in there...nobody cares.

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  10. One of my summer jobs during college was working in a cemetery. Mostly cutting grass, trimming around the headstones, but we did dig graves. As previously mentioned, it was primarily done with a  backhoe and the pile of dirt next to to the grave was covered with astroturf. On one particularly slow week, late in the summer when the grass was growing more slowly, I dug most of one by hand. Whether doing it by hand or with the backhoe, we went down to the length of our long handled shovels...we did not put anyone "six feet under." Was more like 5 to 5 1/2 feet. After the services, we waited until most people had departed, but there were always a few that were hanging out in the distance, waiting for us to put the dirt back in the hole. When we did that, that pretty much was an automatic turn-on-the-tears for those that remained. I could certainly understand that at the time and still do, now. We never tamped the dirt down...there ended up being a large pile of dirt on the top of the grave, which now held the vault. We let it sit that way for several days and then would go out to "sink the grave." When ol' Herm took me out to do the first one, I had no idea what he meant by those words. Well, we dragged a hose out and stuck it into the base of that dirt pile and turned the hose on and just let it run. 10 or 15 or 20 minutes later, the dirt would all collapse down and end up settling flat with the rest of the ground. Darndest thing I ever saw. Happened that way every time. That big vault was still down there, we hadn't hauled any of the dirt away...but it all settled even.

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  11. The majority of my brews will begin to show a flavor profile change at six months...although most don't last that long. Sometimes I bottle near the end of the keg and if they sit around for long enough, the changes are rather surprising...no longer taste like they were intended. I do have an English Barleywine recipe that actually takes a minimum of nine months of aging before it begins to taste like it should and have had some of that recipe hold solid up to three years later (longer story on why that particular keg was around that long...but it still medaled at the 3 year point). 

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  12. My late Wife chose a Model 70 Featherweight in 270 WSM when we moved to Colorado...one of the last coming out of the New Haven factory. The thing is a tack driver. Left handed, though :rolleyes:

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