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  1. 10 hours ago, Ezra Hawthorne said:

    Still have promo codes for free meals at Ruby Tuesday restaurants; two Ultimate Chicken Sandwich codes and two Ruby's Cheeseburger & Coca-Cola codes, all expire October 5th. My location went out of business during Covid so I can't redeem any, free to whoever wants them.

    Hopefully someone can use them. I had a few restaurants here go under during COVID and I am missing them. 

  2. 14 hours ago, Turkey Flats Jack said:

    If this is still available I'd be interested in it. Shoot me a pm of where and how much shipping would be.




    T.F. Jack 

    T.F., I still have it due to the fact it would cost about $50 to ship it from Colorado to Oregon...just a 5 pound 4 oz box, but due to that single piece handle, a 14 x 14 x 16 box is needed; shipping rates are up! If you still have interest, drop me a PM.


  3. Last fall, I took a large load of stuff in an estate sale...one of those "take it all and make me an offer" deals. Some stuff I really wanted, some of it was cleaning house for the flipper. I haven't been able to toss this yet...it is one of the two pieces of a Dillon case/media separator...but don't have the bin part. If anyone is interested in this (it is the smaller of the two Dillon offers), you can have it for the cost of shipping.


  4. On 5/2/2021 at 4:35 PM, John Kloehr said:

    Raisins arrived, poster is hung in USPS limbo. Not complaining against you in any way.


    Just posting because you suggested even target practice was OK for the raisins... Well, now that my lady saw them, she is not providing favorable feedback on the idea.


    Not that she is providing favorable feedback on the poster either :lol: And it has not arrived yet. And I do intend to frame it.


    But what to do with the raisins? I had plans for BP sub in brass shells out of my Stoeger SxS. Going to have to balance the idea with domestic tranquility.


    Anyway, I'll offer up something else here when I find it. She still does not know I bought her a rattlesnake bone hatband, maybe I can blow away the raisins after her birthday.

    Looks like it went to Puerto Rico???


  5. On 1/23/2021 at 11:04 AM, Noah Cash said:

    As an "RO" (Range Officer) at our local range I have the opportunity to collect discarded brass from shooters who do not reload. ( I always ASK before I collect their brass) Some of this has been reloaded and just not found/picked up, much is once fired and left behind.


    I have collected a small amount of brass in various calibers that I don't shoot and probably never will.  If any one can use any of this it is yours for the asking + Postage.  I imagine some of it is so small amounts it is not worth messing with, but you  can be the judge of that.


    Currently available:

    7MM Mag 27 pieces, 14 brass/13 Nickle plated

    300 WBY Mag 5 all brass gone

    270 WSM 40 all nickel plated

    25-06 18 all Brass

    7MM-08  35 PCs all brass

    22-250, 18 PCs all  brass

    224 Valkrie 20 all nickel plated

    10 MM auto  14 PCs. all nickel plated  gone


    If anyone can use any of these and its worth the effort + Postage, let me know and I'll get it your way.

     Happy shootin, and stay safe!




    Brass arrived...making friends with the other brass now while awaiting a reload. 



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