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  1. Awesome could you give me your number or how can I contact you
  2. North Alabama regulators, been to two matches so far. just trying to accumulate stuff little by little as money is an object for me I held an evil Roy pistol and I like the feel so I think I am gonna go Uberti probably smoke wagons if I can find some
  3. Found a cart, thanks To marshal hangtree for your generosity,also found a good deal on a pair of pistols still needing a coach gun. Located in Huntsville al, or central Florida (sometimes) Still need a double strong side rig don’t want black, but I found a guy locally so I may end up going with him still not sure as it’s expensive, I wear a 34 waist jean size, but I measured with jeans on and am about 37 inches where it sits
  4. Do you think it could fit some one who where a 34 pant size waist? If tightened? Could you measure to the last hole?
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