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  1. No offense but Gavin Nuisance would like to make heroine addiction,feces lined streets and zero gun ownership a national standard as well. .Not to mention prop 47...Who came up with that bit of nonsense..900 dollars worth of shoplifting is a misdemeanor,REALLY. I lived in san diego years ago and welcomed the day i left.Guns intact.
  2. After the christchurch shooting, new zealand instituted a gun confiscation program..One problem, many of the previously law abiding citizens were now criminals because of their non compliance to the law.Roughly 2/3 of gun owners refused to the confiscation and as yet have not given up ownership. Back in the 80's I had the good fortune to be stationed with a straight leg infantry unit in Ft wainwright alaska.I remember talking to locals about a recently overturned sales tax.It seemed the legislators wanted more money from their constituents so they came up with a penny tax on all retail sales. As the good citizens of fairbanks shared with me ,legislators had to repeal the tax due to a mass revolt by the people.THEY REFUSED TO PAY. Did you know that as a juror in the U.S. if you feel the law is faulted while reviewing the facts of the case the jury has the right to judge the law as well as the accused.Most judges will not agree to this finding but under the constitution it is allowable. When the Biden team comes after our guns as they have ambitiously stated they would .I hope we can do a little better than our brothers in new zealand and get a little closer to 0% compliance.
  3. You know when I was a kid back in the 50's Grandma and Grandpa used to grow their own vegetables make their own root beer bake their own bread .... They had one vehicle and shared it with the neighbors who did without.They paid more in taxes but were fiercely patriotic .Gramps fought in North Africa in the war.If they couldnt afford something they saved til they could. Everything nowadays comes from China.The food we put in our bodies the medicine we treat disease with ... Even the critical components of our jet fighters are supplied to us from an enemy wishing to wipe us off the earth.... We all better start learning to be more self reliant or we will be at the mercy of foreign governments and leftist wingnuts putting serial numbers on every bullet we shoot. Just my two pesos
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