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  1. Oh it's 2 pistols? I can't use my Ruger single six 22lr can I? Eventually I might go. In the meantime I need to get my front sigh shaved down.
  2. Oh that's right you need a shotgun too? My Stoeger semi-auto won't qualify. EDIT: Oh, and I have a red-dot on my Marlin, and my ammo is all copper plated. And I don't have a holster for my revolver.
  3. I have jeans. My dress shirts are formal for a suit. My shoes are danner boots with nubs that violate the rules. My hats are baseball caps.
  4. I have not. I don't own the clothes. I do like the guns though.
  5. What distance are Cowboy matches shot at? I figure I use the file to get it to the right height and profile shape, and then polish it smooth to remove the rough edges and make it pretty?
  6. I have a Ruger Vaquero in 45LC in stainless. I've been shooting factory Fiocchi loads, and then loading up my own rounds. My current recipe is using 5gr of Titegroup. I'm satisfied with this load and plan on sticking with it. As such I'm thinking it's time to lower the front sight. Right now it's shoots low, with a Center Hold, so with a 6 o'clock hold, it's very low. I have 2 questions, first, what tools do you use to shave the front sight? I have some metal files, but I think they are more for rough work, not pistol work. Second, what profile do you shave? I've drawn 2 lines on the sight in the picture below. Do you shave one of them, or another one? Also, if you know of videos I should watch that would be great as well.
  7. This is pretty off-topic so maybe it should be in a thread of it's own. I chuckle when reading about the costumes and naming conventions. It reminds me of a cross between LARP and a Renaissance fair. I just like to shoot guns. I'm not interested in playing dress-up. It seems like a lot of people do enjoy all these things though, so to each their own. Whatever makes you happy! EDIT: Just saw this thread. I should probably delete my post before I get banned.
  8. I think the only thing in my area are these guys: http://www.rucascowboys.com/ (That website is horrible.) I've got my Marlin 1894, but it has a red-dot that I use. I have a Ruger Vaquero in 45lc, but it shoots about a foot low. I don't have an "old time" shotgun. I don't have the appropriate clothes. All my ammo is copper-plated, not lead bullets. I read instructions like this and just chuckle: https://smokeypointdesperados.org/pdfs/new-shooter-guide.html I sure do love .45lc and my lever actions. Plus I love shooting steel. Hopefully this thread and my pictures can help somebody else one day.
  9. I did not adjust the length of the ammo. I left it at 1.595.
  10. I coated all the parts in BreakFree CLP, then dried them all off. Reassembled the rifle. Went to the range and shot 130 rounds without any jams. Crossing my fingers it's fixed. Thanks for all the help!
  11. Yes, but that's like 20 grit sandpaper. After some light polishing, it's smoother and shiny, but I don't think I've removed much metal. Probably 30 seconds with the dremmel on the slowest speed. You can see at the Red line, where the snail cam stops and makes its dent. The purple line is the bottom of the ramp. The green line really shows now the spot Widder was talking about. "It looks like a small divit in the ramp about 1/4" below the cut. That is probably the critical area of concern." I expect when it's getting stuck, that's where it's stuck at. Several times when it's stuck I've wiggled it back and forth to try to unjam it. How does removing material where it's already stuck help prevent it from getting stuck?
  12. I don't have a stone, I've been using a tiny piece of 400grit wet sandpaper for the roughest stuff, and then moving to the Dremel with Flitz polish. Do you have recommendations on a stone?
  13. Oops The factory ammo at 1.555 does this as well, so I expect shorter ammo should be fine. I'll try to just smooth it out without removing much material.
  14. Just for clarification, it sounds like the lever, with it's the red spot, interacting with the carrier, and it's purple outlined ramp, are what create the timing. Specifically, the angle of the purple ramp. So by polishing it, I'm adjusting the angle.
  15. Yes, there is a clear rubbing and scuff mark below the cut spot.
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