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  1. I am getting back into cowboy shooting after a break of several years and am in need of a Hat and boots. I am just trying to get something together for local shoots. So if you have spare/extra or ones you are thinking of getting rid of let me know. Boot size 10 Hat size 7 3/8 Thanks MJH
  2. Thanks for all the advice, guess the vote is BOP!! Awesome now to go and find get one.
  3. I am wanting to model my cowboy look on the cowboys from Tombstone. When I was on active duty I flew as flight engineer on helicopters in the AF and our unit was nicked named cowboys. We also wore res scarves with our flight suits so I thought it would be a fitting tribute to my brothers in arms! I was wanting some advice on hats to start. Looking for the type or style of that hat pictured. Thanks in advance for any and all help. MJH
  4. Are the 36 pants at least 32” long? And are they black or brown?
  5. Could you see what ups ground to 32563. I am interested. thanks. MJH
  6. Thanks Goody! I am getting back into shooting and also have a lot to learn!
  7. TTN? sorry I know what SxS is but not familiar with that.
  8. Thanks for clearing that up, I dont reload (yet) just trying to get back into cowboy action, it has been a few years.
  9. I will look at those as well, thanks
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