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  1. I didn't mention ticks, chiggers, nosy family & a ton of other stuff either.
  2. Isn't that the home of the Cadillac Ranch. Pretty sure I saw that when we went through there.
  3. I was just thinking (which isn't a good thing). Maybe you get someone else to shoot and you take the bragging rights. Like in Nascar when they put in a relief driver. Just show up with your gear.
  4. I read it backward the first time. I was considering giving up my dies for primers. These 9mm sets are selling high now. We may all be using sling shots this time next year.
  5. We lived in Missouri for years. Hated the allergies. Jobs started going away. More and more meth busts. Big ice storm took away the electricity for 13 days. Tornado that next summer took the electricity another 5 days. We finally packed up and moved to Texas.
  6. I'm used to people laughing at me.
  7. Two weeks will go fast. You have all this free entertainment!
  8. Hope everything went well and you're shooting straight again soon!
  9. That one would be more fun to watch regardless of the result.
  10. This is what the wife did to her dog...
  11. If that it true maybe the men from Mars lure in the women from Venus with the candy bars. The Venus fly trap must be the defense system.
  12. Sorry, I was thinking of Mars. Venus is the one with fly traps.
  13. That's the kind of stuff that is left.
  14. Never been there but they have good candy bars.
  15. All the cheap stuff was gone. Nothing left but odd stuff.
  16. I saw a guy get a box of ammo and go ask which gun would fit it.
  17. That's 99% of the gun grabbers cleaning out the gun stores now.
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