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  1. If the robber had no arms he couldn't carry a gun very easy...
  2. Maybe they could cut the audio and dub over it like in an old kung-fu movie.
  3. Getting all the equipment is the easy part. Try to find ammo. If you already reload find supplies. If you are starting to reload, just finding dies and stuff is getting tough.
  4. Text me pics, please. 512-626-6937 Thanks

  5. I understand the rules and what I can use. The question should have been has anyone found any other bruise free 20 gauge ammo?
  6. If you don't reload, what 20 gauge ammo can be purchased that is acceptable for match use? The internet says there is AA20FL8 in stock at my local Cabelas but I couldn't find any there.
  7. Not saying that these aren't all foreign owned or whatever but Fiocchi's main office is in Ozark, MO, USA
  8. I bought 4000 Federal large pistol primers today at Cabelas.
  9. I have the Colt Mustang XSP in stainless and a Ruger LCP. Both very good little 380's.
  10. A picture of that would be cool...
  11. They ain't dogs. These are our family.
  12. I did do that. Just trying to learn how this works.
  13. You are probably right. I like doing things the hard way sometimes. I did trade 250 that I couldn't use for 500 after the fact. So in the end, I didn't really need to trim a 38 or 357. I was just trying to figure out how the equipment was designed to work.
  14. I have a rifle that won't shoot 357. I have a bunch of 357 brass. Seems like an easy fix cutting them down.
  15. I'm guessing you found a different video than I watched. That is info I hadn't heard.
  16. I bought this L.E. Wilson case holder for 38 Special. The casing doesn't stick through. As you can see the holder is as long as the casing. 357 Magnum doesn't even stick through. I watched a video that L.E. Wilson put out on how to trim a casing. Theirs poked through and worked fine. I'm confused. Did I get a factory goof or am I doing something stupid?
  17. That one would be more fun to watch regardless of the result.
  18. This is what the wife did to her dog...
  19. That's the kind of stuff that is left.
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