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  1. Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls!

    The Renton United Cowboy Action Shooters (or, RUCAS for short) are hosting our 31st Westmatch in Renton, WA (Greater Seattle Area) on August 5-7, 2022.  This is our annual match, and is a whole lotta fun for the whole crowd.   The match theme this year is "Famous Sidekicks of the Silver Screen", so come dressed as your favorite screen character - or don't, and just come shoot with us.  If you've been itching to see the beautiful Pacific Northwest, now is the time.


    Registration form attached, and if you have any questions, shoot me a reply or a PM.  For real tough questions, or things that require actual work, please contact our Match Director, @T-Bone Shorty


    Every paid registration comes with a **free gift** of 12 stages of Cowboy Shooting that weekend (BYOG&A)!  For just a few dollars more, we'll double your fun with some Wild Bunch, Plainsman and Cowboy Trap.  Best deal in town, if ya ask me.


    Hope to see ya'll there.



    @T-Bone Shorty @Cedar County Sheriff, SASS#4578Life @Carlsbad Kid, SASS #25682 @appydan, SASS #67998 @Jed I. Knight, SASS #36423

    Westmatch XXXI Registration Form.pdf

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  2. My 10yo buckaroo wants to move up to centerfires, so I’m looking for a set of small frame revolvers like the Model P junior or Uberti Stallion in 38 spec. Plow handles preferred over birdshead. 

    Prefer to buy outright but I potentially have some CAS revolvers to trade if that’s more up your alley and the deal is right. 


    PM me please with what you’ve got, and we can swap details. 

    My FFL is able to accept transfers from private parties with proper documentation. 

    Thanks in advance 




  3. Most fun stage ever?  The very first one I shot along with my 10 year old son. I don’t remember anything about the setup but the memory of my boy running through that stage will be with me the rest of my days.


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  4. Howdy gang:

    I want to load a few rounds for my old Winchester mod 71. Looking for some .348” bullets. Either 200gr or 220gr preferred.  Maybe someone has a box, or partial box laying around?  Just looking to load up 20-40 rounds to get her ticker pumping again. 

    whatcha got?


    PMs please. 




  5. Looking to buy a couple shell plates for my Hornady LNL progressive press:

    #32 = 45 colt

    #9 = 44-40


    I know I can buy these new but before I do I thought I’d check to see if any of y’all have one of these laying around that you don’t need any longer?


    shoot me a PM if you have one with price. 

    Thanks in advance,


  6. Oh, heck. I opened this post thinking there was a new award for people (like me) who load everything with Unique powder!


    Guess I’ll have to keep practicing. . .



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  7. As a new shooter, who also has the greatest pleasure of shooting with my 10yo buckaroo, I am deeply thankful not only for the founders but also for each and every one of you cowboys and cowgirls who invented, innovated and promoted this game over the years.  We have one year under our gunbelts and with God’s amazing grace, many more to come. 

    With Gratitude,

    JJ & Buddy Wainwright

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  8. @John E. Law
    I started my 9yo last year with a pair of Wranglers, a Baikal 12ga hammerless double and a Henry H001 youth model rifle.  The wranglers definitely needed lighter springs and some polishing (I found that 17lb Wolff main springs were light enuf for him to cock but still strong enuf to set off all types of rim fires. Same spring set as a single six). Make no mistake, the wranglers need some initial work but they have served him well now for over a year with thousands of rounds on target.  The other thing is to make sure the cylinders are good and clean at the start of each match because I found that the few misfires he had were actually due to the round not being fully seated in the chamber (but still deep enough to function) and the firing pin didn’t “pinch” the rim adequately against the shoulder in the chamber.  It takes surprisingly little of that wax coating on the 22lr bullets to gum things up in the chamber. 

    The double I got used and pre-slicked from a pard here on the wire.  The stock was cut and a nice recoil pad installed.  It’s a bit heavy for him but he does fine with it and the weight tames the recoil with the light 3/4 oz loads I roll for him.  The poppers all fall down too - which he loves. 

    The Henry rifle has been great. He shoots it well, it is light and absolutely zero problems again with thousands of rounds on target. 

    Good on you for getting him into the sport. It’s the whole reason I do it myself and the joy of shooting with my boy outweighs all of the other fantastic things about CAS.  Not to mention that it gives him a regular opportunity to be around a bunch of good men and women with strong traditional values, and Lord knows our kids need as much of that as they can possibly get these days. 

    Have fun out there!



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  9. 2 hours ago, Phantom, SASS #54973 said:

    What an interesting analogy...


    You're comparing a company (Braztech) that basically copied a design with a company that purchased the rights and most often the tooling of another company...fascinating.


    So you seem well educated. Tell me a gun making company that has never been sold in it's entire existence.




    PS: There are a few.

    Beretta to name one. Will be interesting to see how many more this group comes up with. Neat history lesson. 


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