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  1. That lever would make a good candidate for a NP3 finish, they are light gray and self lubricate, extremely corrosion resistant too!
  2. I hope they stay the Indians for many years to come. So sick of PC crybabies defining what is right and wrong.
  3. Too much coffee? I don't understand this...
  4. We made our retirement move in December and have been trying to get everything squared away. Today I got my bench built for my new reloading area! Hopefully by this time next week I will have the Dillon mounted and up and running! Woo hoo!
  5. @Tell Sackett SASS 18436 sent you a PM yesterday, do you still want this?
  6. Yul is poking fun at Gunbroker scalpers. But if you are willing to go that high...
  7. Make sure the parts are clean and oil free. Use Gorilla Glue and clamps/heavy rubber bands. once dry, drill and put some brass pins in the repaired area, again with Gorilla Glue or epoxy.
  8. We are only 3 games in! But yeah, CMart looks like his old unreliable self, doesn't he?
  9. I will be glad to try to help anyone I can, simply a Layman in my Church now, but will gladly pray or try to help. Kevin Collier samueltravis85@yahoo.com
  10. Sorry for your loss and prayers up for all who are hurting.
  11. BTT and Happy and Blessed Easter to you!
  12. When you remember why you believe that some folks should NEVER wear shorts!
  13. He is Risen indeed! Looking forward to today. First time teaching a Sunday School lesson in years.
  14. Come on over and shoot with us this Saturday! www.outlawcamp.com !
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