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  1. I've been an active member since 2000 . I have asked this question a lot lately. I have friends in the ammo trade (manufacturer ) they shake their heads and will not give answers. I don`t think we will see a wholesale return to what we feel is normal . As for reduction of rounds sent down range? I intend to continue to shoot until I am out of a particular type ,That in all likelihood will be shotgun ( sometime in Fall .) Then access situation and decide if this run is up. I will continue efforts to restock and will adhere to the club decisions at the two clubs i shoot with .
  2. Thanks for all your help .I have just now placed an order. Thanks Again.
  3. Thanks Shooter but they are backed up 14 weeks. Wiamea i sent him a message.
  4. Thanks Guys . Not completely out just wanting to place order .Only looking for 45. Thanks
  5. So far any local vendor that i am aware of are so far behind that they won`t promise anything.
  6. Nope ,website says orders are suspended .Red River Ray went out of business.
  7. Are there any Bullet Vendors(Lead ) taking orders? I have been working on this for a couple weeks.
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