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  1. I'll take one of the: 9) Screwdriver "cartridges", sturdy, pinned handle fits in cartridge loop of gunbelt. 357 mag case or 44 special. 10 of each available. $5 each In .44 special please.
  2. I'll take the, 5)Ball caps. $10 each, specify 2nd from left, etc. Numbers 1 & 3 from the left. 11) Screwdriver set. Forster/Bonanza and Peacemaker Specialists, some look unused the rest excellent. 8 total. $30 for all
  3. It is expensive, and I did not get the feeder. My main reason for getting it was safety, no open flame. Not to mention, there is no guess work in the process like a flame thrower model. I like the fact that I can use it anywhere in my house. You don't need the Auto Feeder, unless your reloading machine is full auto. I reload for myself and the AMP is perfect. Nothing wrong with any of the other machines mentioned above.
  4. Too bad your dealer won't ship to Commifornia. It is just one piece of paper that needs to be submitted.
  5. I looked at them all, and went with the AMP annealer. https://www.ampannealing.com/index/
  6. I will take, "Item 8: Cowboy bandanna neckerchief, $10 shipped".
  7. RCBS is open, just call them before noon PST, Monday through Thursday;
  8. I bought my SASS Ruger's and Stoeger SxS from Jim at Long Hunter. Had one minor issue with the extractor rod being too short. Called Jim, he said sent the extractor and I will lengthen it. He then said, send me the whole barrel to check. I did, as so as he got he fixed and shipped it back with a $20 bill in the barrel to cover shipping. I am new to the sport so I chose the Stoeger. What ever you decide, I would definitely go with Jim at Long Hunter. Best thing to do is give him a call. He always answers the phone. I have called him and just talked about CAS.
  9. Good eye Rex: https://marauder.homestead.com/Model97sn.html
  10. So, I take it from all the drama the gun is sold???
  11. DHL is an International shipper. That was your first and only warning shot. I have used Fed Ex in the past for shipping a rifle. No issues and the cost was reasonable. I would agree with what others have mentioned that using an FFL would be the best choice in the matter.
  12. PM replied to on Shot shell belt and remaining items.
  13. That's too bad, I have a rifle you could have shot them with.
  14. Buy the kit and put it together for $40 bucks from Palo Verde. https://pvgunworks.com/product/un-jammer-tool-kit-with-hang-on-your-belt-holster-39-95/ https://pvgunworks.com/product/un-jammer-tool-kit-mount-on-your-holster-39-95/
  15. Ya that ^^^^^^^ https://www.buyrevi.com/index.php?l=product_detail&p=67
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