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  1. I will take the Remington Nitro 12 ga 10 boxes, and the powder. I will be in Tombstone on 10/23.
  2. I heard that four digit and below were the better guns. I can can't verify it, It just what I heard. The TTN I have now is a three digit S/N, P-00xxx. Shoots like a house on fire.
  3. How many digits are in the serial number? Thanx, SP
  4. As the title says, preferably one with three or four digit serial number. Thanx, SP
  5. I'll take it, provide a response to my PM please.
  6. All there social media platforms are bogus. The email address is BS, the phone is always busy. Yet, some sap will still buy a bunch of stuff. Then post how he or she never received anything.
  7. If either one available , I will take unm
  8. Disregard, my bad, I thought I it was a PM you sent. I was at work and in a hurry in my reply, apologies.
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